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What’s the future of hair education?

“I see a place for both virtual and face-to-face education”  

“The current pandemic has affected our industry in so many ways and is still having a marked effect on hairdressing demand for education and courses. I see a place for both virtual and face-to-face education in 2021. Being able to reach a wider audience with online training is so refreshing and really motivating as an educator. For me, it doesn’t replace in-person education but it does open opportunities to expand courses including more VTs, online quizzes and means that when you are face-to-face you can really delve into the technical capability and craft and really hone those skills.” 

“Online education allows flexibility” 

“As we navigate our new normal, I foresee a more blended approach to education with a mix of online and face-to-face education in 2021. Online education allows flexibility which is actually really beneficial within the professional hairdressing and barbering industry. It allows students to learn when it works best for them based on their individual schedules. I do think you need both – being able to learn from an expert face-to-face is invaluable, especially when executing techniques proficiently. It allows students to see what they need to see from all different angles and they can have a go themselves straightaway. ” 

“Digital courses are here to stay”

“Nothing beats hands on one-to-one education, but I believe there are many reasons why digital courses are here to stay. For many salons, for example, it saves the expense of having a stylist away from the salon for a few days. Prepare to see the growth of online education in 2021.”

“Our industry is becoming more agile than ever” 

“The world has changed enormously during 2021 and as a result we’re having to be more agile than ever. We are meeting the increased demand for virtual learning by strengthening our digital offering, as well as incorporating ‘blended’ learning courses. There is still huge value to be taken in attending courses in person, and being able to now offer the full suite of different training options ensures we are supporting the industry by meeting everybody’s educational needs.” 

“Virtual education allows us to feel connected”

“There is a need for hands-on education, but 2020 has allowed us to make virtual education the norm – it was in demand and allowed us to feel connected. We will have an education hub where stylists can access information and watch videos and we have introduced live sessions on Instagram to share inspiration and advice alongside our webinars.” 

“We are going to embrace blended learning” 

“During these times, we’ve become highly agile, pivoting quickly to ensure we offer the best education to our salon network. The results have been phenomenal, touching over 5,000 artists since March, and +700% in comparison to the numbers we previously welcomed at our London Aveda Advanced Academy. Moving forward, we are excited to embrace blended learning – continuing to inspire, nurture and grow our talent while enabling access to all of our Aveda artists around the globe.” 

“There's flexible options for every student"

“Education for 2021 will be more flexible. I’m finding a lot of people are booking one-to-ones rather than masterclasses. With the current climate online education seems to be the way forward. Whether it’s live education or pre-recorded there’s options for every type of student.” 

“Digital education will continue throughout 2021”

“Blended learning is the best way to educate” 

“We’ve seen the industry widely accept digital upskilling during 2020. The benefits of learning in your own environment via digital mediums will continue to grow in 2021. Things to watch out for include pre-learning before hands-on courses, allowing theory to be digested in students’ own time and learning at their own pace which is more effective than a one-off classroom situation. Plus, it means students can get hands-on straightaway, rather than having to spend as much time on theory. This ‘blended learning’ is the best way to educate and there are exciting course formats that encompass the online and offline ways of learning.”

“Students are looking forward to getting back in the classroom” 

“Classroom education is great because hairdressers learn through repetition and hands-on experience – watching and doing. For many, this will still be the best way to learn techniques. Many students are looking forward to getting back in the classroom and will appreciate it even more. I think 2021 will be a mix of online and in-person education, making it more exciting than ever.”

“I believe we will see more virtual education in 2021, allowing us to take Goldwell’s UK education offering globally. We expect our virtual course attendees to grow significantly. We’ve learned so much about virtual education and when we can return to our academy this will continue to be a growing platform.” 

This article appears in the December 2020 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the December 2020 Issue of Hairdressers Journal