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Is it Time to Get Your Salon on TikTok?

Social media platform TikTok originally launched in 2014 as and rebranded to TikTok in 2016. It has become one of the fastest growing social media apps ever with a large young following.

The app allows users to create and upload short videos which often involve lip-syncing to popular songs, films and TV shows.

“Compared to other social media platforms I always find I get so much more reach with TikTok. I receive more views, more likes and more followers from people all over the world,” says Chloe Swift, an avid TikTok user and ghd global educator.

She adds: “I find it such a positive platform as it is steered towards an education viewpoint. This is perfect for the hairdressing industry as we can demonstrate our craft with short and snappy videos that will grab the attention of a captive audience.”


1  Post short videos and be patient

“Short videos of around 12 seconds seem to work best and I tend to use the same few hashtags all the time. Posting ‘fyp’ (for your page) also helps push the videos into the For Your Page of random followers. Don’t remove slow burners because the videos can start gaining traction weeks after you post them. Make your account ‘Professional’ so you can look at analytics and see which videos work best for you.”

Edward Hemmings, creative director and director of education at Alan D Hairdressing Education & global ambassador for My Hairdressers

2  Use trending songs and talk to your TikTok audience

“Make use of the TikTok song library. When you use trending and popular songs, your video is linked to this song and this will result in your video getting more views. Remember that TikTok is not just for silly dances. Your audience is keen to learn and watch new content especially if you have a talent or a craft. Always ask your audience what they want to see from you and reply to their comments.”

Chloe Swift, global educator for ghd

3  Create process and transformation content and post across different social channels

“TikTok is a great way to showcase a 360° perspective of the hair you have created with a little extra fl are. I’ve found that videos promoting positivity do very well, as well as ‘process’ or ‘transformation’ videos. Videos created from TikTok are also great to post on Instagram Stories as they are a maximum of one minute long and fi t perfectly. It makes sense to use one video across your different platforms.”

Casey Coleman, Cloud Nine ambassador

4  Don’t use filters but do share your location

“I love to share a before image and zoom into the hair close before zooming out to reveal the fi nished look and transformation. The secret to using TikTok successfully as a hairdresser is avoiding fi lters where possible. We need to share authentic work as this will ensure a client’s expectations are realistic. Use natural light to create the best videos. it is also important to share your location on your captions and hashtags so potential clients in your local area can book an appointment with you.”

Rebecca Moronval and Taylor Threlfell from Sesh Hairdressing

This article appears in the December 2020 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the December 2020 Issue of Hairdressers Journal