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#Colourstroke Mint Ribbons

1. Create a triangular section on each side of the parting.
2. Trace diagonal sections.
3. Using the tip of your brush, paint Revlonissimo Colour Excel freehand to highlight features around the face, in particular the eyes.
4. To style, create a little bend around the hairline to accentuate the colour and add a little texture.

“I love to add bold ribbons around the hairline highlighting eyes or hidden panels through the mid lengths and ends for someone a little more colour shy.”
Mark Leeson, Revlon Professional global artistic ambassador


“Thanks to the pandemic I’ve noticed there is a distinct camp emerging in hair colour. This is the rebellious nature of the repressed who are looking to find their voice and express themselves by being bold and bright in their colour choice. JOICO’s Vivid Color Intensities are a must-stock item for those who want to be bold – think Royal Blue or Vibrant Pink to signal they are here and standing in the face of the pandemic. Bold and beautiful at its best.”
Ian Davies, JOICO European design team member


“We’ve been loving Crazy Color’s Canary Yellow on the face frame section and Pinkissimo on the large back section!” 
Sophia Hilton, Crazy Color ambassador


1. You’re going to need a light base so bleach the hair as normal, starting at the ends first. Once the ends are halfway to the desired level of lift, apply to the roots. I love a Platinum Card effect, which means you foil the ends first!
2. Once you have the desired base level and you’re all washed off, take your section from the recession for a thicker face frame. Of course, you can add more or less to the section depending on the effect you’d like.
3. Choose your Crazy Color shades. For this look, it is a Canary Yellow on the face frame section and Pinkissimo on the large back section. Just make sure when they wash off, they aren’t two colours that will affect each other too much.


“Now that we have moved to Zoom as one of our main sources of communication, if clients want their colour to be noticed, I’ve found statement colour such as this purple shade and a heavy face frame are the way to go. To create a heavy face frame I’ve been using the Denman Balayage Brush Kit designed by Jack Howard. It’s the perfect piece of kit for all forms of foliage and freehand painting.”
Georgia Bell, owner of Society by Georgia Bell


“I think this vibrant copper blonde image (pictured below) is guaranteed to draw attention on Zoom parties or meetings. It’s bold, beautiful and easy to achieve in the salon.”
Maxine McArthur, Wella passionista, Wella master colour expert, freelance stylist and technical educator based in Glasgow


1. Do a full head of back to back foils with one weave to one slice. I used Wella Professionals Blondor Plex with 4% Developer and lifted to a pale yellow.
2. Shampoo then pre-tone using 10/6 + 9/01 Wella Professionals Color Touch with 1.9% until clean.
3. Apply Wella Professionals Infinite Orange Color Fresh Create for 15 minutes at the backwash.
4. Rinse, blow-dry and style with a wave using the ghd Platinum+.


 “Teaming a statement bob with beautiful temporary lilac hues for Christmas Zoom s is a no-brainer for pre-lightened hair. This year your clients will be more likely to switch up their hair rat her than their outfits!” 
Andrew Smith, milk_ shake ambassador 


1. Pre shampoo and condition the hair and towel dry. 
2.  Apply the milk_shake Whipped Cream, light red and rose brown in a mixing ratio .5:1:1 formula to a focal point piece and wrap in foil. 
3. Apply milk_shake Whipped Cream, light grey Whipped Cream and violet Whipped Cream in a mixing ratio of 1:1.5:a ‘dot’ formula to the remaining hair. Dry the hair completely then remove the foiled area and dry it. 
4. Style with a flat brush and finish with milk_shake’s Let It Shine Dry Shine Spray for an ultimate Insta-worthy finish.

This article appears in the December 2020 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the December 2020 Issue of Hairdressers Journal