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With Fresha’s free appointment reminders, booking notifications, online card protections, and its brand-new deposits feature, salons can reduce no-shows and late cancellations by up to 60%!

No-shows and late cancellations cost the hairdressing industry millions in lost revenue, and individual salons can lose significantly too. Just eight missed appointments per week at an average client spend of £40 will lose your salon over £14,000 annually, and with almost a quarter of cancellations occurring on the day, resolving this issue is vital to protect your business.

CEO and founder William Zeqiri says: “Fresha has already processed over 250 million appointments, so reducing the scale of this issue for our partners is a priority. We’re achieving amazing loss reductions and introducing new and innovative features to ensure they are even better protected.”

To protect your salon, follow Fresha’s 5 top tips...

1 Create a fair cancellation and no-show policy

Create a cancellation policy and set fees and terms that are fair to you and your clients, and that reflect the scale of the problem to your salon. Publish it on your website, and when clients book an appointment via Fresha, it is clearly displayed at the ‘confirm with a card’ stage. As an example, Fresha partner

Bond Shoreditch gives clients up to 48 hours to cancel their appointment without charge, whilst charging 30% for a late cancellation and 50% for a no-show.

2 Send appointment confirmation notifications and reminders

Fresha’s automated email and SMS notifications and reminders ensure your clients remember their appointment, whilst highlighting your cancellation policy. These are easily set up to send out at regular intervals, giving your clients ample time to cancel or reschedule without charge.

3 Take a deposit

Fresha’s new deposits feature enables partners to take an advance deposit to secure their appointment. Set the deposit amount at your discretion and following your client’s service, the deposit is deducted from the bill at the payment stage. If they fail to show up, you can retain the deposit as a no-show charge.

4 Be flexible and understanding

While some clients may not show up routinely, a reliable client not arriving might indicate a genuine reason or problem. Communicate with them and respond to unforeseen circumstances fairly and sympathetically. You can do this using Fresha’s email and text tools, or you can add a personal touch by giving your client a call to make sure everything’s alright.

5 Take action on repeat offenders

If some clients continually fail to show up, Fresha partners can prevent them from booking appointments online. This feature gives salons a last resort level of protection after every other option has been exhausted.

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This article appears in the April 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the April 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal