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The hairdressing industry has had plenty to think about over the past two years, thanks to a global health crisis and the complex task of ensuring business survival during lockdowns.

The subject of sustainability has been bubbling away in the background, and in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, many hair professionals are now focused on upping their game.

Thanks to PPE, we’ve wised up to the impact of non-recyclable plastics, and many consumers have adjusted their shopping habits, opting to stay local when possible over travelling further afield.

One of our greatest commodities is water, and with a world shortage, this is arguably one of the most pressing issues for salons.

So how exactly is the industry working towards a greener future? We spoke to three case studies (two salon owners, and one freelancer to prove that it’s not just business owners who can make a difference). And, we questioned some of the industry’s leading brands on their sustainability pledges.

“Vish Colour Management technology has cut colour waste for hundreds of salons. We have begun expanding our partnerships to other sustainable brands and colour houses to help salons access the tools they need to reduce waste and attain their sustainability goals.”

This article appears in the April 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the April 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal