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Imagine being able to turn every client’s hair into your very own masterpiece every day. Designed to bring out the artist in you, the comprehensive PRO YOU collection is formulated with smart ingredients and technologies ready to deliver instant, effective, and long-lasting results. PRO YOU’s Advanced Results Tech-System (A.R.T System) gives you the freedom to do things your way and express your creative talents in endless ways.


PRO YOU’s exclusive blend of primary and secondary micro pigments creates vibrant, high-intensity shades. Propelled by Chrom A.R.T System and enriched with aloe vera, you get reliable results including uniform colour, incredible shine, and 100% grey coverage. Originality and imagination are at your fingertips.


With a portfolio of 69 shades to choose from, you will have access to limitless results. Micro pigments diffuse into the three levels of the hair fibre for a vibrant colour shade. Hair becomes a blank canvas as you get to go wherever you want to go throughout the colour spectrum.


Cutting-edge technology is backed up by smart solutions and efficient formulas. An ultra-gliding and rich texture delivers a smooth colour application, plus there are double the number of services per tube. PRO YOU’s high-performance products mean that you get to perform to your best potential with no barriers.


A complete range of professional haircare products supports your creativity and total artistic freedom. With technology such as Keracomplex for multidimensional benefits and a Colour Defend System to prolong high-definition colour, you get to give your bold creations the aftercare they deserve.

Be 100% PRO, 100% YOU.

To find out more or to become a Revlon Professional Pro You stockist contact us on 020 7391 7440 / (UK) or +353 (0)1886 9313/ (IE).

Follow Revlon Professional on Instagram @revlonprofessionaluk.

This article appears in the April 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the April 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal