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1 Section into four quadrants plus section out the money piece area at the front.

2 Start by applying your foils to the money piece section at the front using three fine slices back-to-back. Apply OSMO IKON Blonde Elevation Premium Violet Bleach with 10 Vol along with a few drops of the OSMO IKON Blue Colour Additive, which will help to neutralise unwanted orange tones.

3 Tap on colour throughout the root areas on the four quadrant sections (where natural regrowth is) with OSMO IKON 6 Choc with 5 Vol for a demi effect.

4 Taking a vertical zig zag in each quadrant all the way up, tie your new sections with a bobble to keep the area tidy. Note, the more bobbles you use, the more balayage you’ll see in the finished look. This look is for refresh, so I’ve adjusted the number of bobbles accordingly.

5 Now apply your colour to each bobble section. I applied Blonde Elevation Premium Violet Bleach with 30 Vol and the Blue Colour Additive. If you’re not looking to saturate the hair, just paint the outside of the hair bobble area each time. Leave to process for 50 minutes.

6 Rinse off all the colour and give hair a light cleanse with OSMO Deep Moisture Shampoo to replenish lost moisture without adding excess weight.

7 Next, apply your toner. Use 3 parts of OSMO IKON 9.003 (Very Light Chocolate Blonde) with 1 part OSMO IKON 9.1 (Very Light Ash Blonde) and incorporated OSMO CHROMOPLEX™ Bond Builder #1 into the toner. Leave for 20 minutes, then lightly shampoo. After rinsing, apply a bond sealer, then rinse again.

8 Spritz hair with the new nourishing OSMO X.POSED Leave-In Treatment and style using the new OSMO X.POSED Blow Dry Balm to deliver body, volume, shine and hold for perfectly smooth blow dry results every time.

the more bobbles you use the more balayage you'll see... this look is for a refresh, so I've adjusted the amount of bobbles accordingly 

This article appears in the April 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the April 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal