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Perfect Placement

The placement of accessories is crucial, says Hairslydz founder Andy Smith.

Andy Smith for HAIRSLYDZ

“The accessory needs to run parallel with the cheekbone or the eye,” he says. “Aim for a balance on either side of the head – use your client's eyes and cheekbones as a guide to securing a clip in the perfect place."

Go All Out

“Go bold or go home,” says Casey Coleman, HAIRDOTCOM Art Team member and HJ's Social Stylist of the Year. “Go to a vintage shop and pick up a handful of accessories to offer clients.

Because they’re cheap, either include it in the price or offer it complimentary to show your appreciation.”

Girl With The Pearl

Casey Coleman HAIRDOTCOM

“The classic pearl is still in style. Think pearl hair pins, a single pearl or a small cluster of pearls,” says Emma Simmons at Salon 54.

Andy Smith for HAIRSLYDZ

“Keep it simple with modest barrettes, a big hit this season. Wear simple barrettes symmetrical in either side to frame the face, a must have accessory for any style up or down for the party season.”

Get A Grip

Sharon Malcolm

“Building some product into the hair to give it more texture and grip is so important to ensure accessories stay put,” says Robert Eaton.

“Backcombing the section of hair will help create a really good base if you are attaching clips and grips.

We actually spray hair pins to colour coordinate them with the client’s outfit – it’s a really simple but effective way to tie the complete look together.”

Match Jewellery

“People spend more time on their hair and outfits during the festive season and often want something a little bit more glamorous and different,” says Sharon Malcolm. Harmonise your client's look by matching their jewellery.“If your client's jewellery is silver or gold it might be a good idea to add silver or gold accessories to their hair, or suggest they complement the colour in their dress with a slide or headband,” she says.


This article appears in the November 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the November 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal