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Anne Veck, Gina Conway, JC Aucamp and Karine Jackson talked all things carbon footprint, spreading advice on sustainability to clients whilst offering services and how to be environmentally friendly and cost effective at the same time.

Recruitment, Education and Apprenticeships, sponsored by NHBF
Finding adequately trained juniors and the difficulty of staff retention were the key talking points on this panel held by Rosina Robson, Richard Lambert and Anthony Whitaker.

Also discussed was how Covid has left a gap in students who are ready for employment.

Changing The Model
Bringing together salon owners Julian Dalrymple and Phil Jackson, with freelancers Harriet Stokes and Casey Coleman to talk about a more seamless integration of employed and self-employed salon staff as the future model of the industry.

Salon Inclusivity
Melissa Timperley, Errol Douglas, Sophia Hilton and Keri Blue went in-depth about the ways the industry can be more accomodating to all clients. This included charging for length of time of services, diversifying your social feed and asking clients for their preferred pronouns.

Mental Health Awareness
It's more important than ever to chat opnely about mental health Louis Byrne, Tom Chapman, Jordanna Cobella and Jo Irving discussed the 'five pillars of mental wellness', acting as an 'unofficial therapist' and educating younger team members on early signs of mental struggles.

Building A Brand
Tapping into clients on an emotional level and keeping business and brand separate were key takeaways from this talk. Jo Martin, Mark Woolley, Lorenzo Colangelo and Adam Reed also touched on resilience, social media and the exciting future of branding.

Planning Ahead for 2022, sponsored by NHBF
The economic landscape is still uncertain, so we brought together Wendy Cummins, Edward Hemmings and Caroline Larissey to discuss the hard realities of making redundancies, finding greater flexibility and how Gen Z is shaping the future of training and wages.

Talking Teamwork
Darren Fowler, Colin McAndrew, Ken Picton and Mike Taylor engaged in a conversation about making the most of your team, including letting them help with recruiting, passion as the key quality of the perfect stylist and identifying the root of the problem before firing an employee.

Social Success
Jack Howard, Rachael Gibson and Talisha Cox went back and forth about best practices for social media, including the importance of finding your niche, batch creating content and underlining what platform your clients are on.

This article appears in the November 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the November 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal