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100% PRO, 100%YOU

Revlon Professional believe in empowering individuality, finding your own voice, propelling your creativity and artistry, and being part of a community that praises diversity and change to make a difference.

Discover all of the ways it can ignite your creativity…

What is Revlon Professional PRO YOU?

PRO YOU by Revlon Professional is a complete professional toolkit of colour, care and styling that will allow you to set your creativity free. Featuring the A.R.T System (Advanced Results Tech-System), the range is formulated with smart ingredients and technologies to deliver instant, effective and longlasting results. With PRO YOU, you can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary

Become a colour master

Let your creations and clients' hair do the talking. Revlon Professional see hair as a blank canvas, ready to become an inspiring work of art. THE COLOUR MAKER, the professional permanent hair colour with 69 artistic shades, is propelled by the Chrom A.R.T System and enriched with aloe vera to deliver professional and reliable results. What you see is what you get; uniform colour, incredible shine, and 100% grey hair coverage for every single colour service.

Be daring and caring

A complete professional haircare portfolio that dares you to walk the extra mile, no matter your hair needs. Revlon Professional are full of smart solutions, like the PRO YOU Boosters, inspired by the most successful market trend of customizing hair care solutions. You can also offer every single client their best pro tip in the shape of a vial with concentrated ingredients for instant results.

Be stylish and brilliant

Give shape to your creativity with Revlon Professionals' range of styling products with the perfect balance between movement, hold and definition. Be 100% Pro, 100% You.

To become a Revlon Professional stockist visit or call 020 7391 7440.

This article appears in the November 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the November 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal