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Founded by Renato Brunas, in the early 1970’s, Crazy Color was born in the midst of the punk rock explosion in Britain. At the time the anti-establishment movement was forming, along with a new wave of style, self-expression and rebellion. This was a time to proudly wear who you were as a badge of honour. Colourful hair became a means of outward expression for those who didn’t want to fit in, those who weren’t afraid to show they were different, and who wore their individuality with pride.

Brunas had the foresight to fuel that revolution, giving people the colour and tools to express themselves unapologetically, and in the process producing a product range that went on to evolve into an internationally loved brand. Crazy Color was fuelled by a revolution and has kept the same ethos and values at the core of the brand, whilst remaining at the forefront of colour, for 44 years.

‘Live Your Life in Color’ has always been about outward expression, then and now.

Crazy Color has always walked hand in hand with the LGBTQIA+community. With a full rainbow of 40 shades, the Semi Permanent Range has always been a palette from which everyone can truly express themselves; from stylist to client. The Crazy Color Color Squad, Crazy Color loving stylists, and clients, were all the inspiration behind the ‘unapologetically Me’ campaign. Crazy Color works with so many members of the LBGTQIA+ community day in day out, and have done for years, so they wanted to create a campaign just for them. ‘unapologetically Me’ was shot and produced by a team of LGBTQIA+ models and crew. Discover the gorgeous collection on pages 59-61.

Colourful, vibrant hair is non-conforming

Colourful, vibrant hair stands against society's norms

Colourful, vibrant hair is for those who want to be seen as the individuals they are

Colourful, vibrant hair doesn’t care what others think

Colourful, vibrant hair is wearing yourself expression with pride

Colourful, vibrant hair shows the world who you really are. Unapologetically

Crazy Color say thank you -

• Thank you for sharing your beautiful selves, inside and out.
• Thank you for your inspirational stories and talent.
• Thank you for using colour to boost confidence whilst helping people to find, and express, their true selves.
• Thank you for being ‘unapologetically You’.


Launching October 11, Crazy Color’s Rainbow Kit is proud to support the LGBT Foundation, a foundation that was founded in 1975 and has been changing the lives of those in the LGBTQIA+ community ever since. Their helpline has been running for 45 years, and their online platform reaches 600,000 people every year, with work rooted in four key areas; achieving equality, promoting safety, encouraging wellbeing and their people, their community.

“we’re absolutely delighted to be working with Crazy Color this year, with their fabulous range of vegan and cruelty-free haircare products. With Crazy Color kicking off the partnership with an incredible donation, we at LGBT Foundation are very much looking forward to working with a brand where inclusivity and diversity is embedded at all levels.

We’re exceptionally grateful to the team at Crazy Color for their support, and we’re excited to work together as we help build a fair and equal society for all LGBT people," explains Debra Nixon, deputy director of Self-generated Income.

The kit includes six top selling shades; Fire, Orange, Canary Yellow, Toxic UV, Capri Blue and Pinkissimo, all for the price of four shades. Not only do you get every colour you need to push those creative boundaries and create the ultimate rainbow look, showing the world that you are ‘unapologetically You’, but you also get two shades free!

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This article appears in the October 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the October 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal