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Colour NOTES

What do you love most about being a colourist?

Having the creative freedom to take the ideas from my mind and turn them into reality. I try and stick to a "no boundaries" method with colour and I will try absolutely anything at least once... The bigger the challenge, the bigger the reward!

Where do you go for colour your inspiration?

It’s so easy to pluck inspiration from the things around us as there's beauty in everything. However, I truly believe my inspiration comes from my clients themselves. Their personality, individuality, life style and overall vibe are the best tools to create the perfect colour for them.

Grafitti art

What are your favourite colouring techniques at the moment?

I love colour blocking and statement pieces. I've been convincing my clients to try things that are a bit out of their comfort zone, like a neon face frame for example. I'm also loving creating looks with colours that typically don't go together. Done properly, it can make such a stunning contrast.

Autumn colours

What colour trends are you pleased to see out of fashion?

Silver hair! As beautiful as it is when it's done, I think clients underestimate the maintenance side of it and have started to realise that you can still have stunning blonde hair, whatever the tone. I think lockdown has made people think differently about how they want their blonde to be, and are embracing the more lived in, softer look.


Are there any colouring trends you’d like to bring back?

Let’s go back to the 80s! I love a grunge-y, root-y blonde on a layered crop, or a bold copper-red with loads of texture.

What are the challenges facing colourists right now?

Online D.I.Y hair hacks! I love social media platforms for building our businesses, showcasing my work, and for seeing what everyone else is creating, but when clients are copying what they see online, and attempting it themselves, it just ends in disaster.


What’s been your most memorable colour consultation?

The consultations that stick in my mind are actually the clients I say "no" to. I think it's important to be honest with your clients and to educate them properly on their hair. It shows your expertise, and that you really care about what you do, but also puts you in the position to give them other options that they may not have realised themselves. There's no better feeling than gaining your client's trust.

What colour creation makes you most proud?

The first colour that made it into Hairdresser's Journal International! I was picked for #hjcolourreel in the April 2021 issue, and it was amazing to see my work up there next to some unbelievable talent.

North east scotland

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Every single day is different, and to me, it doesn't feel like work. I think when you are in the hairdressing industry, there are so many options on what direction to take your career in, and it's the unknown that is so exciting! I've recently opened my own salon and I can't wait to see where this adventure takes me and my team.

What advice would you give to a trainee colourist?

Invest in education as much as you can, and once you have mastered your craft, learn some more!

This article appears in the October 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the October 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal