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Adventures of a Celebrity Hairdresser

What was your journey into the industry?

I was interested in hair and beauty from a young age, so when a colleague at the bank I worked for was leaving to open her own salon and asked me to go with her, I knew I had to follow my passion. I am so glad I took that leap of faith. I went on to join the team at Nicky Clarke where I met my first celebrity client, Helen Flanagan. After all these years, we’re still great friends and I still do her hair.

What are some key insights you have learned when working with celebrities such as Molly Mae?

You have to be flexible and expect the unexpected. Be willing to fit in a last minute extension application or removal the night before an important shoot, for example. It’s such a fast paced lifestyle when working with celebrities and no two days are ever the same.

I love the buzz of working on shoots and red carpet glam before exciting events. It takes patience and skill as you’ll be working closely with the make-up artists and clothes stylists to bring an entire look together.

Does working with celebrities require a different mindset than usual clients?

Not a different mindset but slightly separate expectations. Be sure to respect the rest of the crew and treat people kindly. I pride myself on this anyway but those with poor manners or a poorer work ethic don’t tend to go far in this industry. I also learned you will be noticed for your dedication and hard work, so be sure to put in 100% effort as you never know who may be watching.

What would you say is your signature style?

My signature style has to be the glamorous, Instagram-able wave –a go-to for my clients including Munroe Bergdorf and Molly Mae. For a contemporary feel, I keep the ends quite straight for an undone feel or, for a more glamorous look, pair it with a deep side parting with lots of volume and height around the face.


Won assistant of the year at Nicky Clarke salon – with Hj’s Jayne Lewis-orr as judge!


Partook in an event with Andrew Fitzsimmons and Beautyworks


Worked with Jess Wright, Helen Flanagan and Molly Mae at the Pride of Britain Awards


Styled Munroe Bergdorf’s hair for the cover of Glamour magazine as she won ‘woman of the Year’

This article appears in the October 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the October 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal