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1 Moodboarding magic

It’s always hard to know where to start with decorating any space, which is why a moodboard is always the best place to begin, especially when you’re opting for a non-traditional salon interior.

“Moodboards allow you to see all the options at once, and when you’ve settled on a concept, you can keep track of the overall vibe, colour palette, textures and materials,” says Christopher Laird, co-owner of November Collective. “It’s so easy to get side-tracked when creating an interior concept – moodboards definitely helped us achieve our original vision.”

2 Let travel guide you…

Just like in-salon trends, travel can guide your interior choices too, meshing inspiration from different cultures and infusing the way that your experiences shaped your salon décor. “From years of travelling around the world, self-development and experience has created the salon we have today,” says Dale Hollinshead, owner of Hazel & Haydn. “The design is a Scandi meets industrial raw aesthetic. We embrace the difference to stand out in our city.”

3 Spark joy!


You spend so much time in your salon (probably more than your actual home) so it should be a place that evokes happiness and your interiors can help with this. Whether that’s adding in touches of homestyle or creating breakout zones for chill and relaxation, let what makes you happy guide your décor choices.

“My salon interior is totally based around my personal style,” says Adam Reed, founder of Adam Reed Salon. “It’s how I do my home interiors too; I really like individualism.”

4 Consider colour

Paint can interfere with hair colour services. “Remember paint reflects on hair!” warns Dale. “I’ve always stayed quite neutral for styling/colouring areas. You can then inject bolder, brighter shades in non-hair areas such as the reception.”

Some salons go all out with deeper paint colour choices everywhere, while others prefer to remain conservative with colour in the main salon areas, getting creative with furniture and décor items there instead. A reason for this?


5 Pick a paper palette

Finding it difficult to cohesively work all your colours and interior ideas into one salon layout? Adam has a smart tip. “All of our colours were picked from a House of Hackney wallpaper that we loved – this saved the pain of wondering if they went together as we already knew they did.”


6 No copies

Getting inspiration from other spaces can help guide your style, however remember there is a line between being inspired and copying.

“Try to avoid copy-catting another place that you’ve seen,” says Adam.

Speaking to others that have done the work themselves is helpful, but Christopher has this warning, “don’t be influenced by other people’s opinions. Advice is useful but remember, it’s your vision.”

7 Pick your pieces


Décor and furniture beyond the chairs and basins will give your space the individuality that’ll make your space distinctive – to find special items, look beyond the usual places.

“I love Vinterior, eBay and Kempton Park Racecourse market,” says Adam who also advises looking for vintage fairs. “You’re getting unique pieces and you can also go back time and time again to find different items.”

Takara Belmont Coff Styling Chair

Every hairdressing service should be inviting and this is perfectly embodied in the Coff styling chair. With a thinner backrest, it lends itself perfectly to cutting longer hair.


Available as a 1, 2 or 3 position unit in 25 different fabric and laminate choices. It features a large Kiko basin, LED lighting around the base and plush and comfortable upholstery.

Albert Ewan Design

This retro chair is a new model from Greiner, a high quality German manufacturer.The chair is available with a selection of hydraulic base shades, including black [pictured].

Salon Supplies

The Iron Wash from Salon Supplies has an industrial, bold look with its matte black square metal frame. It’s also available as the Iron Wash -Relax version, which has a manual leg rest.

Aston and Fincher

The elegant Alpeda Elite Styling Chair is available in a choice of three different frame and base colours of black, gold or rose gold, and the upholstery is customisable with 39 different colours.

Alan Howard

The smooth quartz grey fabric of the Duchess chair is super versatile. This new chair is finished with chrome arms, protective pads and sits on a chrome five-star base.


The Eden Plus system from Maletti gives the option to offer services with hot steam and rinses with atomised cold water. Plus, the reclining chair has an integrated massager.

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This article appears in the May 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal