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A Day in the Life of…

HJ spent a jam-packed day at the Wella Professionals creative hub and found a hive of education and inspiration. Here’s our fly-on-the-wall diary…

10AM: The 2022 TrendVision Winners’ Shoot

Our first stop was a chat with today's photographer Kai Wan and Robert Eaton to find out more about the TrendVision 2021 winners shoot. Led by Robert Eaton and Daniel Couch from Russell Eaton, the looks were created on five beautiful, diverse models. A key part of the brief? Showcasing light and shadow effects using colour. “We worked alongside the winners to create a collection that represents both them and Wella, as well as highlighting how amazing the new Shinefinity glaze is,” Robert said. “Myself and Daniel have both taken part in Wella competitions ourselves, so we’ve been in their shoes. The key to mentoring is understanding your mentee’s strengths. We make sure all the winners work across all the looks.


 It’s about collaboration.” In terms of the look and feel of the shoot, Robert took us through the moodboard, “We’re going natural with beige and taupe shades, and soft styling – which will make the hair pop. The concept is about creating light and shadow effects in the hair.” Kai found an ingenious way to create literal shadows over the models: “I’ve got a bit of trellis from my garden!” It was amazing to see the collection taking shape throughout the day.

11AM: Master Colour Programme Business Owners Day Led by Simon Harris

Led by the MySalonManager founder, the day course, which is part of the Master Colour Programme, was full of tips to boost business. The session was focused on the decision makers of the salon who are or are becoming a Master Colourist, and it explored the ways
they can maximise the investment they have made with the Master Colour Programme. Simon talked about creating a customer promise for your salon – and what to include in it. Examples from other industries include “All our pricing is transparent and clear” and “We will treat you as a guest in our home”. Simon explained how these could be applicable to salons. He stressed how important a clear consultation was with your client – and why price must be addressed.


“Say why you’re doing a full-head of highlights instead of a half-head, and why you recommend a nourishing treatment. Then explain that this investment will mean their hair will look better for longer.” HJ caught up with Danielle Stern after the session to hear how the course impacts salon owners. She explained that previous delegates had overhauled their menus and found new ways to reward and recognise their teams. 

12PM: Supercuts Colour Specialist, stage 3

Wella World Studios offer bespoke courses for large accounts, and HJ was lucky enough to drop in on the Supercuts team being mentored by Karen Wilkinson, national account education co-ordinator. The group re-created and coloured an Italian bob and a Wolf cut. “Just because you’re less expensive, doesn’t mean you have a lesser skill set,” Karen told the group. “You might use less foils, but that makes you more creative. You know how to get results by placing the foils strategically.”


The Supercuts team were then asked the question: “What does being creative mean to you?” Answers included, “being brave” and “being creative within boundaries and time constraints.” Wella Studio educator Arnie Crowson then showed how Shinefinity glaze could revolutionise colour services at Supercuts salons – there’s no patch test needed for it, there’s zero lift and the results stay true-totone even on porous hair. The demo was followed by a hands-on section when learners re-created the two looks, but with their added creativity. 

2PM: Master Colour Programme, stage 4

HJ left the Stage 4 learners well alone in the morning, as they undertook an exam, but got fully immersed in the handson creativity of the Master Colour Programme in the afternoon. With suppport from guest artist Dylan Smith, it was a chance for the learners to create looks that they don’t normally do in the salon. Dylan said: “They’ve done their exam, so we need to get the energy and creativity back up! I love these creative sessions because the learners step outside their comfort zones.” Led by technical educator Kirsty McNicoll, experimentation was the name of the game. The group explored marrying colour and cuts, and created bold looks ranging from 50/50 colour looks, statement money pieces and creative colour melts.

3PM: Patrick Cameron arrives!

Like a force of nature, Patrick Cameron enters Wella World! The international hairdresser was there to present his monthly broadcast on Facebook, live from the Studio, showcasing some of the courses on offer.

4PM: Digital Discovery Class

I poked my head into a Zoom session on True Grey being delivered by educator Arnie Crowson. Wella offers digital as well as face to face classes - so you can learn from the comfort of your home or salon. Wella really has worked hard to offer something for everybody and make education accessible for all. There are many other digital classes available, many of them free of charge.

This article appears in the May 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the May 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal