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Zamaine Ismail launched West and Hunter when he was just 26 years old after years of developing a strong client base filled with celebrities, executives and the highest echelons of society.

“West and Hunter is a relaxed and open grooming Club for all men”

Despite attracting the elite, it’s fair to say that West and Hunter is truly a relaxed and open grooming Club for all men. Wealth is not what the clients have in common, but rather a love for the finer things in life.

Despite having planned out his vision for over a decade (Zamaine’s father is a barber and he started in the industry at a young age), he still felt that West and Hunter’s flagship required a “leap of faith”. But he needn't have been worried. The decor is immaculate – walls are adorned with Georgian-inspired panelling and classic European art, which complement the timeless REM Emperor barber chairs. Zamaine marries the old with the new with modern twists such as a wellness section, a lounge and a whisky bar.


Name: West and Hunter Gentlemen’s Grooming Club

Address: 125

Chiswick High Road, W4 2ED, London

Owner: Zamaine Ismail

How long have you been in the premises: One year, operating since April 2021

How many staff: 4

The layout of the space guides clients through the West and Hunter experience, from the softly lit welcome lounge that hosts a fireplace – inviting the guest to relax – to the cutting section and private backwash area. The space is lit by a mix of clean and warm lighting, and signature skylights, which all offset the darker walls. “It's a bold choice,”

"The ultimate reward is seeing our clients feel good and leave with a smile on their face”

Zamaine admits when describing the monochrome theme. However, the midnight grey walls only serve to accentuate the member's club atmosphere at West and Hunter.

Despite its impressive size, the space currently caters to four guests with four distinct styling sections to ensure a relaxed environment and allow each client to dwell in the experience. “Recently we’ve been getting guests ready for music awards,” Zamaine adds. And he has plans for hosting more events and intimate soirees throughout 2022.

But whether it's pop stars or CEOS, the ultimate reward for Zamaine is “seeing clients feel good and leave the chair with a smile on their face.” Zamaine intends to reveal other areas of the Club over the course of the year, alongside a luxury skincare, hair and shave range. Watch this (very luxurious) space.


1 Get involved

There’s nothing like building a conceptual idea to fruition with your own hands.

2 Have clear plans

Extensive planning and preparation makes the whole process so much smoother.

3 Enjoy it

It’s a scary but amazing opportunity to be creating your vision from scratch!

This article appears in the February 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the February 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal