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Ignite your creativity

Not only can extensions services help to fulfil your client’s desired look, but it can open the horizon to new creative opportunities for you and your team. “No matter how good a stylist is, their job will always be limited by the amount of hair they find on their clients’ heads. With good quality hair extensions, however, they are finally able to expand their artistic canvas and achieve results which would be impossible to obtain without the addition of more hair,” says Thomas Gold, the co-founder and CEO of Gold Fever.


Boost client loyalty

“Hair extensions are one of the biggest current influences on the hair market and so offering this service raises your salon profile as well as providing an extra service,” explains Jenna Omar, Racoon educator. “Extensions generate loyalty as clients have to stay with you for all their other hair services, such as colour, cutting, refits and blowdries, which increases revenue, as does the maintenance and aftercare.” Andrew Barton, Racoon creative director adds: “The industry has seen a shift in maintenance appointments for haircuts and colours being less frequent, but clients have to follow a regular maintenance plan to take care of the investment they have made in hair extensions.”

Non-committal colour

Another way to use hair extensions to create highlights or lowlights without colouring the client's hair is to use tactically placed extensions, says Thomas. “Apart from saving a lot of precious time, this method is completely safe and damage-free, also allowing the process to be fully reversed if and when the customer decides to change her look once again. These smaller, less demanding jobs will result in what we refer to as ‘repetitive business’, meaning the customer will pop into the salon more often for top-ups and general maintenance without being forced to spend a fortune,” he adds.


Broaden your client base

Extensions are often associated with younger clients – but there is a big demand across age groups, says Louise Baldwin, Remi Cachet super stylist. “I’m seeing a huge uptake in the over 40s when they have seen the service and the transformations achievable with just 50 bonds."

Wedding season is on the horizon and extensions can provide a range of solutions too. “Extensions are an allrounder for adding colour, especially where colour is not possible due to a short time frame,” adds Louise. “Plus, extensions hold better than natural hair, so they're perfect when you need hair to look good for longer.”

Hair loss solutions

“As well as the more traditional extensions clients looking for length and volume, we’re seeing more than ever the opportunity to target new audiences – something really bolstered by people like Shirley Ballas being open about using hair extensions at every age,” notes Joscelin McCourt, HB Collective CEO for Great Lengths. “Hair extensions also offer solutions for those experiencing hair loss or thinning, be that through age, health, or postpartum. Extensions offer a tangible way for hairdressers to provide clients with a holistic approach to solving their hair concerns and attracting valuable new business in the process."

Raise your profile

“Expanding the services that you offer will attract more customers and allow you to gain more marketing material, such as photos showcasing your work and positive customers reviews. These can be used to promote salon services and enhance a salon brand,” says Mel Kasak, for Glamlox. “The customers will need to visit the salon on a regular basis, probably every few weeks, so they will be spending more money with your salon,” adds Mel.

Achieve creative colour

Rapture ambassador Jason O’Sullivan explains how extensions can offer your client more options when looking for a big colour change. “My favourite shade in our new Melts range is 2/901 which is a gorgeous gunmetal grey – the perfect option for when a client comes in with an image from Pinterest, but doesn’t want to go through the long process with bleach,” he says. “By adding extensions in colours like this you can achieve result without compromising their hair.”

Retail opportunities

After your client's service, you can share how to care for their extensions and retail aftercare products. “These are must-haves because they’re specifically formulated to protect extension hair and, in most cases, the bond or application used to attach them,” says Liane Reilly, general manager for Balmain Hair Couture. “These niche ranges present a golden retail opportunity, because they maximise the lifespan of the client’s luxe new look, which is great news for them and for your business.”

This article appears in the February 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the February 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal