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HJ was lucky enough to be invited to L’Oréal Professional Products' Hair The Love shoot and was blown away by the love in the room! This year industry pros brought along their celebrity clients to share their special connections.

From Paul Percival honouring Will Young to be his children’s Godparent, to Louis Byrne and Emma Willis who found a soul mate within one another, the shoot proved just how unique the bond between hairdresser and client really is. "This year’s 2022 L’Oréal Professional Products Hair The Love ‘In The Hands of a Pro’ campaign, truly brings to life the immense impact that hairdressers have on people’s lives, every day," explains Béatrice Dautzenberg, L’Oréal Professional Products UK & Ireland managing director. "We are so grateful for the powerful voices of our nine ‘Power Couples’ to help us amplify this important message and celebrate the unique relationship between hairdresser and client. We continue on our mission to support the bright future of the Hairdressing Industry and showcase just how amazing this vocation – like no other on our high streets – is highly skilled, creative and transformational.

"We are proud to once again partner with the Hair and Beauty Charity as part of this campaign and highlight the need to support the most vulnerable in our Industry. I continue to be impressed with hairdressers across the UK & Ireland and the positive approach they have in these challenging times. Thank you to our couples for sharing their personal experiences – we want to encourage everyone to join the #HairTheLove2022 conversation and share your inspiring stories of how every hairdresser is changing lives.”

HJ heard how the couples lift each other’s spirits during hard times and the power it has on both clients' and hairdressers' wellbeing. Here are just some of the most heart-warming moments...

“It’s a fearless relationship which is really beautiful.“ “I just knew he was special and that he was a brilliant person, not just a brilliant hairdresser but a brilliant soul really.”

“I think over the past 12 years the thing that has given me the most confidence is embracing my natural hair – and I wouldn’t have done that without Larry. You’re stuck with me for life, and me, thanks babes!”

"It’s not about Paul putting an identity onto me, it’s about, through a great cut, bringing out more confidence"

“I think the hairdressing salon is the most creative place on the high street because we go into the place and we feel transformed. I feel better when I’ve had my haircut, the mood inside of me is lifted and that’s what every artist and every creative wants.”

“There’s a real value in what we do, not just in the results that we create but in how you make someone feel, it’s so intrinsically linked. And the better you feel in yourself, the more you can present yourself to the world.”

"Salons now are places where you should feel comfortable and you should feel a part of the community... hairdressers change people’s lives."

“What happens in the chair, stays in the chair. Just letting go and letting it out, feels so good!”

“When I think of mine and Lisa’s relationship, it’s very nurturing. We kind of help each other, you’re there for me in some ways and then sometimes when you’re in a certain place I am there for you.”

“First question she asked me was what is your dream hair, so we can do it. To be able to take someone’s personality and turn it into hair, being able to portray a person inside / outside, I think that’s such an amazing gift to give to people”

You can also get involved in the campaign by using #HAIRTHELOVE2022 to share your stories. And, L’Oréal Professional Products has pledged to donate £1 to the Hair & Beauty Charity

Step 1: Create a video or share our specially designed social tile to share your own client and hairdresser stories using #HAIRTHELOVE2022

Step 2: Post your content to your Instagram Feed tagging #HAIRTHELOVE2022 @lorealpro_ education_uki so we can see them

Step 3: Watch the Hair The Love 2022 Video on 11th February – comment and share the love

Step 4: L’Oréal will donate £1 to the Hair & Beauty Charity for each use of #HAIRTHELOVE2022*

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This article appears in the February 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the February 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal