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Conversations on COLOUR

Corey Taylor, co-founder NOCO Hair, Bristol shares the shades she can’t get enough of and the hues she’d like to see the back of

What do you love most about being a colourist?

I love that colour gives me the ability to enhance each of my guest’s individual beauty. Understanding the logistics behind what really works for someone, whether it’s to create the illusion of thickness, bring out the colour of their eyes or give their skin that healthy glow –I just love the impact that colour has. I’m also a bit of a geek so I LOVE the science and processes behind a great colour!

Where do you go for your colour inspiration?

Instagram is my go-to place for colour and in the last year I’ve also used it for education. I follow a lot of amazing hair colourists from all over the world, so I like to check in to see what they are up to. Celebrity trends always seem to filter down to the consumer market so I keep an eye out for the latest ‘it looks’. Jennifer Lopez is a perfect example, if she’s got a bob then bobs are in, if she’s got chunky highlights then they’re back too.

What are your favourite colouring techniques?

I adore all things balayage, especially creating that seamless blend. To create the perfect blend, we lift the hair first with highlights and use our signature soft blend technique using a combination of toners for a flawless melt from root to tip. Post-lockdown locks needed a little more love and often a reverse balayage was required to bring a mane of hair back to its former glory. By deepening the roots then adding ribbons of depth we are able to add tone and dimension back into the hair with no need to lighten.

What colour trends are you pleased to see out of fashion?

The 1990s chunky face frame! I love a face frame when it’s soft, natural and sun-kissed but something about the Geri Halliwell stripe just doesn't do it for me. Also I don’t love silver – is it just me or is it every colourists worst nightmare? Especially on those dark bases!

Are there any colouring techniques you’d like to bring back?

I feel like colouring techniques are always evolving and going in the right direction looking at more innovative ways to create beautiful looks. I wish people would stop fighting warmth; bring back the coppers and rich golden blondes I say!


What are the biggest challenges facing professional colourists at the moment?

Definitely managing expectations. In 2021 no one got the ‘New Year, New Me’ hair that they usually get, and after lockdowns people were looking for a drastic change in one visit which was not always possible. Sometimes, we had to pop those platinum blonde bubbles! Lockdown also led to a lot of people becoming home hairdressers which has led to a whole lot of corrective work. Even now, when we’ve been open several months, we are still working on corrections.

What’s been your most memorable colour consultation?

Whilst working at my old salon, I was struggling to explain to a guest why their inspiration picture was not achievable. After 30 minutes I asked a colleague for back up and she simply said, “Look, we’re not Harry Potter!” I still laugh about it now – luckily the guest saw the funny side too…

What colour creation makes you most proud?

I get satisfaction from creating a flawless blend which is seamless from root to tip. I love hair that is beautiful, elegant and technically well executed.

What do you enjoy most about your day to day job?

I love looking after people, seeing their face light up when they see their new look, the twinkle in their eye and the spring in their step as they leave the salon feeling fabulous. I also love educating my team, sharing my knowledge and offering my guidance so that they can look after their guests and create beautiful colours.

Seeing them flourish makes me immensely proud.

What advice would you give to a trainee colourist? 

Assist and shadow other colourists as much as possible; there is so much you can learn from watching others and being around their creativity. Listen to their consultation, watch their placement and technique and make sure you see what the end result looks like. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, remember that no question is a stupid one.

The more you ask the more you learn.

This article appears in the August 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the August 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal