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The Spring Budget 2021 revealed a number of COVID-19 pandemic schemes, grants and holidays are being extended. Unfortunately, the 20% VAT cut given to the hospitality sector has not been extended to benefit the hair industry.

Hellen Ward, Save Our Salons co-founder, told HJ exclusively:

“Despite being 1/3 of the size of hospitality, despite all of us employing 1/60 of women working in the UK and despite VAT-registered salons in the hair and beauty industry employing half of all the people working in it, we are still not considered worthy of any reduction in VAT. It is nonsensical as we cannot recoup VAT on our labour-intensive output. However, success is not final and failure is not fatal.”

Keith Conniford, CEO of the Hair and Barber Council added: “I’m grateful salons in Wales, Scotland and England have reopening dates and there are new grants available up to £18,000 with the new Restart Grant. I am frustrated however, that our sector is not being given the VAT cuts the hospitality sector is receiving. The industry has lobbied really hard for it.”

Richard Lambert, National Hair & Beauty Federation chief executive said: “We were worried the most vulnerable in our sector would find it hard to survive and reopen, but both the Restart Grant and further funding for the selfemployed have thrown a lifeline to struggling businesses and professionals.

We will continue to press the case for a short-term reduction in VAT to help the hardest-hit hair and beauty businesses to recover.”

Hair and Beauty Charity president Sam Grocutt pointed out: “Approximately 62.5% of the professional industry is working in a self-employed capacity. We also know that many of the beneficiaries we are helping with financial support still may not qualify for the new self-employed support. We have ring-fenced funds to continue supporting them.”

Go to for information on how the Spring Budget will affect you

The Save Our Salons Campaign founders will build on the work carried out so far following the Budget 2021.

The founders will continue to lobby the UK Government for parity with the hospitality sector and a VAT system that works for the hairdressing and barbering industry.

The founders explained: “At this point, the campaign needs real, tangible and up-to-date data to feed directly to the civil servants advising the UK Government about the state of the industry and the impact COVID-19 has had on hair and barber businesses.

The founders added: “We know that many of you have already completed our surveys but we need your assistance again. Please can we ask for 10 minutes of your time to feedback new, specific and up-todate information that may change the course of our industry forever.”

Go to for more information and you can fill in the latest survey here:

The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfaTe) has revealed hair apprentices and students will be able to complete their course without having to carry out a close contact assessment until at least the end of August 2021.

IfaTe explains this short-term change is being made to provide additional flexibility for as long as it is needed due to COVID-19 with the aim of giving apprentices a fair chance to continue with their careers.

Nikki Christie, deputy director for apprenticeship assessment and quality said: “We are taking these extraordinary measures to help clear blockages in the system and give apprentices a fair opportunity to complete their training.”

Alan Woods, chief executive at VTCT told HJ exclusively: “We are aware of the decision made by IfaTe and we are discussing with Ofqual and other assessment organisations the mechanics of delivering this flexibility so apprentices can complete their apprenticeship and secure a job in the industry. We are also sure many training providers, both colleges and private independent training organisations, will continue to book normal End-

Point Apprenticeship Assessments in line with the sector reopening in England from 12 April as outlined by the UK Prime Minister’s roadmap.”

The NHBF added: “This announcement has been welcomed by the NHBF which worked tirelessly with the Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education to introduce an alternative assessment process for apprentices that meets the same high standards.”

The new arrangements will be monitored to ensure quality control and may also be extended beyond August 2021 if necessary.

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has revealed England-based hair salons and barbershops can reopen on Monday 12 April subject to four conditions being met:

• The COVID-19 vaccine programme going to plan

• The vaccines sufficiently reducing the number of people dying from the virus or needing hospital treatment

• Infection rates not leading to a surge in hospital admissions

• New variants of the virus not fundamentally changing the risk of lifting restrictions.

 Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has revealed hair salons and barbershops, as well as mobile and freelance stylists and barbers based in Scotland, can reopen in April. The reopening dates are different depending on whether you work in a hair salon or barbershop with a ‘shopfront’ or if you are a mobile stylist or freelance hairdresser/ barber working outside and barbershops can of a salon setting and inside people’s homes. Hair salons reopen on Monday 5 April and mobile hairdressers and barbers can work in people’s homes from Monday 26 April.

Hairdressers and barbers working in salons based in Wales could reopen for appointments from Monday 15

March. However, hair and barbering mobile services could only resume on the same date if there was not a reasonably practical alternative to a home appointment. For example:

• Where the client physically cannot leave the home

• Where leaving the home is likely to have a significant detrimental effect on wellbeing.

All hairdressers and barbers must wear a type II mask and face visor for the entire time they are in a client’s home.

Go to for the most up-to-date information on when different parts of the UK hair industry can officially reopen

The NHBF’s patch testing advice is to undertake relevant industry tests including patch/allergy tests for all clients requesting chemical services such as colour.

The NHBF told HJ: “You need to be cautious following lockdown due to the length of time since the client’s last service. Also, they may have used a home colour product or treatment you may not be aware of. It’s best practice to carry out industry tests following manufacturer instructions and protocols before the client’s first service following lockdown. You cannot complete any services, including patch/allergy tests before you reopen. Tests must be completed at least 48 hours in advance of an appointment and all tests should be completed before booking a colour service.”

Monday 15 March: Wales-based hair salons and barbershops reopened for business. Mobile and freelance stylists could resume if there was no practical alternative to a home appointment.

Monday 5 April: Scotland-based hair salons and barbershops with shop fronts can reopen on Monday 5 April by appointment-only.

Monday 12 April: England-based hair salons and barbershops can reopen for business.

Monday 26 April: Scotland-based mobile and freelance hairdressers and barbers who work outside of a salon setting can start working in people’s homes again.

Saks has named the finalists for its annual awards for 2021, celebrating Saks’ stylists, therapists, apprentices and salons who have submitted business and creative entries.

Lockdown provided the perfect opportunity for the brand’s hair and beauty salon teams to submit an unprecedented number of business and creative entries. The winners will be announced in a virtual ceremony that will take place later this year.

Go to for more information about the Saks Awards

Fellowship Hairdressers of the Year Gary Hooker and Michael Young, are FAME Team 2021 mentors and will be delivering a programme that will engage, excite and equip this year’s team – Casey Coleman, Brooke Evans, Brandon Messenger and Jose Domene.

“We’re honoured and excited to be working with the 2021 FAME Team and aim to deliver a programme that delivers on every level. There are four outstanding individuals here and we’re planning a phenomenal line-up of guest mentors,” said Michael Young. He added: “I will be bringing my photographic skills to build up their portfolio of work. This is all about having a year that brings new experiences and skills that work for the team in the here and now, but also gives them something special for their careers moving forward.”

The Sean Hanna and Skyler London Awards 2021 winners were announced during a virtual awards ceremony themed around The Matrix.

Sean Hanna Salons and Skyler London founder Sean Hanna presented the awards with Skyler McDonald, Lloyd Court and Tomm Bucknell and each winner was announced by members of the industry, including HJ editor Laura Husband.

Sean said: “It’s been a tough year, but the team really took care of our guests. We felt it was important to recognise the work they do. We wanted to make it a motivational and optimistic event. The team were also invited to enter our creative awards using dolls heads and all of the judges were really impressed with their work.”

Go to for the full list of winners

Entries are officially open for HJ’s British Hairdressing Awards 2021, sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional, which is often coined the ‘Oscars’ of the British hairdressing industry. Go to page 29 in this issue for the answers to all of your burning questions and go to the official entry form.

Entries are open until Friday 18  June 2021 at 5pm

Entries are also open for HJ’s British Hairdressing Business Awards 2021. If you’re ready to enter these prestigious business-focused awards and raise your profile within the hairdressing industry, start preparing your entry now.

You will find information on how to enter at

Entries are open until Friday 21  May 2021 at 5pm

Hershesons will run its new #Hair4Heroes nationwide campaign to say thank you to NHS nurses and celebrate the British hairdressing industry.

The #Hair4Heroes campaign will ask participating salons to pledge one hour of each stylist’s time to give NHS nurses a free cut and blow-dry as a thank you for their hard work during the pandemic.

Each salon will be asked to nominate a further three salons to do the same via Instagram. This initiative will run from 12 April – 30 September.

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This article appears in the April 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal