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Should you give salon staff different names?

NO “It helps stylists build their reputation in the industry”

“This is something we know a lot of hair salons around the UK do. For us, it’s something we have never done since opening the salon. All our stylists use their own names and have done since day one at F&M Hairdressing.

In all honesty, for us it wasn’t something we really thought too much about. We always used our own names in previous workplaces and salons, and we decided to keep each stylist’s own name in the salon. We like the fact our stylists are known to our clients and the local residents by their own name. We feel it helps build their reputation and helps them network throughout our surrounding areas, as well as within the hairdressing industry.

Ainsley, who is one of our longstanding team members, has regularly travelled to work at industry events, such as the likes of Salon International, and has built up a great relationship with those on the Fellowship teams. Likewise, Lesley within our team has worked with TIGI in London and Paris, which has been an incredible experience. By using their own names, clients and those within the industry can easily find the team members they have interacted with on social media platforms and build their own personality and profile.

It is not something we would ever rule out completely. In the event that a new team member joins us at F&M Hairdressing, and happens to have the same name as someone else already in the salon, we would give them the option to use a nickname or abbreviation of their own name, or a different name altogether. The choice would be completely up to the team member in question. We are open to any creativity within the salon.”

Brian MacMillan, F&M Hairdressing co-owner

Yes “A salon name can help stylists feel less vulnerable”

“Across our Rainbow Room International salons we give some staff different names for the salon floor. We do this with staff who have the same name as someone else within the team. This allows clients to differentiate between the two stylists. It makes for an easier booking process and allows clients to ask for their stylist when arriving at the salon. Plus, it helps them to identify a stylist and their work via social media through the Rainbow Room International account, which is a popular method for clients to find a new stylist and salon. When new stylists start they are informed of this process and many love the chance to have a salon name. Some people might question whether changing a team member’s name is impersonal and may not allow the client to build a connection with the team member. However this is something we would definitely disagree with. The team can still build a very deep connection with their clients as they are not aware that their stylist has a different name outside of the salon.

A salon name is also beneficial for the team member as it means they don’t need to worry about giving out their real name. As many stylists can now be found on Facebook and Instagram, having a salon name allows them to create a separate account from their personal account to promote their hair work to clients. This means clients can’t find their personal accounts so team members can keep their home and personal life separate from their work life.

At Rainbow Room International we do many shows, seminars, events and also give comments out to press, and it’s good for the team to get the recognition for this, but without the added pressure of having their full name out there in the open.”

Coco McMahon, Rainbow Room International Bearsden salon owner and salon director

This article appears in the April 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the April 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal