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Lockdown has seen some clients turn to a host of bizarre no-heat styling aids ranging from tights and socks to dressing gown belts. It seems clients will put any household item in their hair, especially if a TikTok influencer tells them to try it!  HJ asks the professionals for their thoughts on the trend – and what they would recommend instead.  

Adam Reed, ghd ambassador: “I believe heatless styling has only come into play temporarily as consumers embrace their natural texture during lockdown. Thanks to a more leisurely lifestyle and the fact they were working from home, people wanted to let their hair dry naturally.”

Lisa Farrall, CLOUD NINE creative ambassador: “The pandemic meant clients had more time to play around at home with weird and wonderful trends, especially those we see on TikTok that look like they take 20 seconds but in reality take longer!”

Neil Moodie for L’Oréal Professionnel Paris: “I believe it’s part of the movement towards customers being focused on healthy hair. Plus, with the various lockdowns we have been through and the fact people have nowhere to go, they aren’t styling their hair as much.”

Syd Hayes for BaByliss PRO: “I believe clients will remember why hair tools are so important when salons reopen. For example, diffusers help with drying incredible waves and bends into the hair.”

Lisa: “Knowledge is power. At one time no one would ask me what heat or heat protector I was using on their hair. Now clients and guests want to know exactly what’s going on when I’m styling their hair.”

Neil: “I believe High Definition TV and the images we see on social media channels today have created a new expectation for how ‘natural and healthy’ hair should really look. I do believe it’s crucial for a hairstylist to let their clients know what ‘natural and healthy’ hair actually looks like without any filters.”

Syd: “For sure, clients are constantly looking for products that are less damaging and help protect their hair so they can get the ultimate combination of strong, shiny and silky-looking hair.”

Adam: “Dare I go back that far? Ragrolls, sponge curlers – so many frightening things that I never quite understood.”

Lisa: “The rag set stands out for me. I have to admit it still makes me smile and I can see this trend on the catwalk with metallic rags – mark my words!”

Neil: “I remember Allan Soh inventing the chopstick perm trend and everyone started setting hair in chopsticks. My personal favourite was using sugar water to set huge mohawks.”

Adam: “For me it would have to be the ghd Hair Max Straightener – the extra wide plates mean twice as much coverage in half the time.”

Lisa: “CLOUD NINE irons all have adjustable heat settings and mineral infused plates, so you can ensure you are protecting the hair whilst maintaining moisture and shine.”

Neil: “I love L’Oréal Professionnel Paris Steampod which uses steam to style and helps to protect the integrity of the hair.”

Syd: “The BaByliss 9000 Cordless range because it performs using lower heats and it’s been designed to help eliminate heat damage.”

This article appears in the April 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the April 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal