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Hassle-Free Colour Correction

How does Zalon Colour Remover work?

Synthetic colour molecules are very small which allows them to penetrate the cuticle. Once inside, an oxidation reaction takes place between the ammonia and the hydrogen peroxide causing the dye molecule to swell and become trapped. This means it is unable to escape the cuticle. Think of it as an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ effect where Alice is unable to get back through the door she came through due to growing so big.

Zalon reverses the oxidation process by shrinking the synthetic colour molecules allowing them to escape from the cuticle and be washed away. This reveals the lightest previous natural shade of pigment. The colour shown may be lighter than the natural virgin hair colour as the bleach and ammonia from previous colourants may have lightened the natural pigment.

Why should you add Zalon Colour Remover to your colour service list?

• It works on all permanent colours and most semi-permanent colours, which include a lot of box dyes on the market that clients may have used at home, to cover re-growth or to experiment with new shades.

• It adds value and profit to a colour service. You can charge £30 - £40 for the Zalon treatment and with one application costing around £7.50, (based on the Salon Size pack), it can make a generous profit for minimal work.

• Leaving the treatment on for over 30 minutes will not result in any damage.

• You can take clients back to their natural colour if they so wish.

What are the benefits of using Zalon?

• Zalon is the quickest and healthiest way to remove colour from the hair with only a 30-minute processing time.

• It is bleach-free and ammonia-free. This means there is no damage to the hair or scalp like there is with other methods – such as bleach baths.

• It contains argan oil to add shine and condition to the hair and leaves it looking and feeling more nourished and moisturised than before the Zalon treatment.

• Zalon removes all oxidised hair colour, regardless of how long it has been in the hair. It also removes residue from shampoo, conditioners, styling products and pollution.

• The hair can be coloured immediately after the process has finished, if required.

• It has a mild odour compared to other colour removers, which tend to have a harsh chemical smell.

• Zalon is vegan and it is never tested on animals.

Zalon Colour Remover, distributed worldwide by Hair Tools Ltd and

This article appears in the April 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the April 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal