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It is estimated that the UK could be an effectively cashless society as soon as 2026. The fast tap of contactless payment is already being replaced by digital wallets like Apple and Google Pay; and in taxis and grocery stores we are beginning to have the option to bypass the checkout process entirely and ‘just walk out’.

With Cardless Checkout from Phorest Salon Software, you can meet your clients’ evolving expectations. Cardless Checkout gives you and your team new levels of flexibility to craft the ideal salon experience so you can streamline reception and get crucial time back. And here’s how it works:

That 10pm Scroll… Booked

Whether your clients make their appointment through your website or app, day or night, Phorest captures your clients card details when they make a booking and securely stores them within the system.

You do You

You give your clients a five-star service. In the meantime, the PhorestGo app empowers your team with five-star technology, making it easy to add retail products to the bill and take before and after photos from the chair.

Check Out in Style

When it’s time to check out, simply ask your client, “Can I charge the card on file?” Meaning, no fumbling for cards or hassle with the machine, resulting in bonus time to spend rebooking and getting to know your client. Once you are on the pay screen, the system will automatically prompt you with the stored card as the first payment option. Confirm with the client, and you’re done!

For Extra Agility When You Need it…

Phorest is a POS in your pocket. Any member of staff can check out a client from a tablet or smartphone using the PhorestGo app.

First Impressions are Important, But so Are Last Ones…

Think beyond the transaction. Make the most of the final touchpoint and spend your time and energy on aftercare and rebooking. Give your clients the individualised attention that will make them feel confident, valued and looking forward to coming back.

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This article appears in the August 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the August 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal