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HJ Reports: Eurovision with Moroccanoil

In the year that saw the UK come a respectable second in the final, HJ was granted backstage access and front row seats to the world’s biggest music competition.

Thanks to Moroccanoil, the official presenting partner of Eurovision 2022, we got an inside look at how the show is put together and the support the hair team offered to the entire crew at the song contest.

In the press area, HJ met with global artistic director Kevin Hughes and global creative director Antonio Corral Calero to find out more about the lead up to the live semi-finals and grand finale.

What’s the best thing about working backstage at a live event?

Kevin: The energy! For the acts, being a contestant is a lifechanging moment for them. The fact that we get to participate in that is amazing. We’ve followed them throughout their journey, so we’ve seen the rehearsals and we can adjust the hair accordingly. For example Sam Ryder, the UK artist, got static hair on stage – so we were able to address that.

Antonio: We don’t push the performers and we make sure they are surrounded by love. Our schedule is crazy, but I take my time.

How do you cope with the pressures of backstage?

Kevin: I’m a calm person. I feel that calms everyone else down.

One of the acts said to me: “Your voice is so calming.” I feel the stress on the inside, but I try to keep myself calm on the outside.

We have 24 stylists from all over Europe. We work very long hours, and in different shifts. We have teams backstage making sure the artist’s hair is in place, and we have people scheduling the styling appointments. We are very prepared, it has been going on for months and months.

Antonio: You need to be secure as a stylist. You need to give the

"I’m a very calm person. I feel that calms everyone else down...I try to keep myself calm on the outside"

attention to the performers, not the stylists. When I hired the team, I said I want humble human beings who can give the performers the love and support they deserve.

"If I had to say what the trend was for this year it would be natural hair. We love natural curls and braids."

What was the journey to getting to the final looks?

Antonio: We do our homework!

I create a moodboard based on their personalities and their performances. Often the artists lead with their idea and then we look at their hair texture. Then we customise the hair to the performance. The artists have been to a lot of Eurovision preparties too – so their hair is often a little upset. But we always make sure that their hair is the least of their worries.

Have you got a hair mentor?

Kevin: I assisted Danilo, and he was one of my first mentors. He was very generous with his information. We have a hundred educators who work for Moroccanoil just in North America, so I strive to do what Danilo taught me.

Antonio: I studied at a hair school in Barcelona. It was very focused on the emotional response to hair. It taught me to read people’s body language really well.

The hair theme for the Eurovision Song Contest is Then and Now tell us more…

Kevin: We worked with the iconic hairstyles of the 60s, 70s and 80s – and we took style inspiration from those eras and turned them into modern day looks.

What country's hairstyles stood out to you?

Kevin: I love Iceland, the band is three sisters and they’re embracing their natural curls. Greece also had a great pulled-back wet look.

Antonio: If I had to say what the trend was for this year it would be natural hair. We are loving the natural curls and the braids.

Kevin: Hair is part of an entire look.

For years people have talked about Eurovision fashion, why is now the time for hair to take centre stage?

Now more than ever people are being more creative and they want to express themselves through their hair, as well as their clothes.

Can you give us any product teasers for Moroccanoil for 2022?

Kevin: We’re excited to say that after the success of the Moroccanoil colour launch in North America, we’re bringing it to the UK very soon. And we’re adding some new shades to our colour-depositing mask range.

So stay tuned!


This article appears in the July 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the July 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal