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Name: Blue Tit Greenwich 
Address: 133 Creek Road, Greenwich, London SE8 3BU
Owner: Lee Beever How long have you been in the premises: We got the keys on 16 December 2020 and opened our doors on 12 April 2021
How many staff members: 3

Clean-cut Nordic design meets Miami cool is how owner Lee Beever describes the Blue Tit salon in Greenwich and it couldn’t be a more fitting description. “It’s a serene and calm environment for our clients to relax and enjoy a drink,” he explains. It’s also the perfect space for whiling away an afternoon. “The colour scheme is based on my favourite house plant Ficus elastica robusta, or the rubber plant,” continues Lee. “We wanted to bring nature into the space on all levels. We have a palette of dusty pink walls, clean creams, statement woodenaccents and plants throughout the salon.”

Lee designed the interior himself from start to finish with help from the Blue Tit directors. “I created little drawings that took me back to my school years of doing GCSE art,” Lee adds. “I’m particularly proud of the styling table, the mirrors and the plant wall.” The salon has two feature walls made by DETALE CPH, a Danish company that develops tactile surfaces. “The company creates rooms that are beautiful by themselves and aesthetically unique even when they are empty,” explains Lee.

The natural wooden floor throughout the salon complements the furniture, which is made using all natural and sustainable materials. There is also a beautiful custom-built plywood styling table that seats six with bespoke mirrors. The salon has two extra styling areas with floating plywood shelves and mirrors. Adapting to a world post-lockdown, Lee wanted a main styling table that could function as a working space for clients who were working from home. The chairs and backwashes are from Maletti and the table, mirrors and kitchen area are from a Yorkshire company that is based in Lee’s hometown. “I also got one of my clients, Suki, who is a tattoo artist, to design some incredible custom artwork.”

Lee and the Blue Tit team used lockdown to their advantage and made sure every aspect of the renovation ran smoothly. “In doing so, I’m proud to say we created one of our most sustainable salons yet,” adds Lee. “That’s not to say it wasn’t without its challenges. Shipping issues caused by Brexit, for example, meant half of our lights got lost in transit from Spain and had to be reordered – they took just over two months to arrive!”

The challenges were worth it in the end as the salon is now a serene and calming space. It is perfect for busy clients to relax, unwind and enjoy the unique Blue Tit experience.


We went with dusty pink and clean cream with pops of nature adding a green element.

Choose the right builder and project manage the build yourself if you can.

Some things will not go as planned or will need to change so you’ve got to be flexible..


This article appears in the July 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the July 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal