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Creating a salon guarantee is a positive marketing strategy, particularly when it comes to speaking to potential new clients. In my own hair salon, we now have a five-point promise. We started with three points and these grew as we got the systems and processes in place to strengthen our guarantee offering for clients.

What is a five-point salon guarantee? 

1) A full consultation before every service 

We guarantee all clients will receive a full consultation before every service. This was a game-changer for us because it meant we had to spend some time deciding exactly what a ‘full consultation’ had to include. It also means even our regular clients receive a full consultation on every visit. It helps us keep clients for longer as they are continually hearing new ideas and are less likely to get bored.

2) The offer of a full luxury conditioning treatment or all services are free 

If we don’t offer our clients a luxury conditioning treatment at the basins all of their services on that day will be free. These little add-on services are a virtual gold-mine. The profit margin is really high and they take almost no extra time to perform.

We were only selling a few per year because they simply weren’t being offered – we would give a couple of treatments away each week if a stylist was running late but charging for almost none. Making this promise prominent in the salon meant we consistently offered treatments and added thousands to our turnover.

3) Information about every product being used or the chance to get them all free 

If we don’t tell our clients about every product we used on them during their appointment, the client can take them all home for nothing. This is clearly displayed at the bottom of every styling section. It has taken all of the embarrassment out of retailing for our team. The stylist knows the conversation has to happen and the client knows it is going to happen too. Our retail sales soared when we introduced this. We did have to keep training the team on technique as there was a time where they rattled through the products just to ‘put a tick in the box’.

4) If a client is not 100% happy, the appointment is free

This promise means if a client is not completely happy with their hair at the end of the appointment, they don’t pay for it. We have never had to pay out on this promise, but it means we deal with any problems as they arise rather than hoping they won’t notice or seeing what it’s like when they’ve washed their hair at home.

5) If an appointment doesn’t finish on time, it’s free

This promise took a long time to get right as it means if a client doesn’t leave the salon on time they won’t pay for the appointment. Getting it right involved some really obvious steps.

For example, we didn’t have clocks in the salon originally, which meant the team didn’t know what time it was unless they checked their phones which was frowned upon. When we looked at this we realised it was not surprising the team was running behind. By making a watch or fob part of the uniform our days started running much more smoothly, which benefitted the team and our clients.

How to shout about it? 

If you introduce a salon guarantee you should shout about it in all of your marketing. If all other aspects of your salon are equal to others in your area your salon guarantee will make choosing your salon a no-brainer for new clients as it will put their minds at ease.


Phil Jackson from Build a Better Salon is an international business coach. He offers a unique perspective on the challenges of salon ownership. Phil works with salons and barbershops around the world to help them look outside the box and consider all aspects of the business.


This article appears in the July 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the July 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal