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Money Can’t Buy You Love

Every Vish Waste Warrior Award winner has used Vish to transform their colour department into a highly profitable part of their business.

1 The Hidden  Benefit of  Giving Back 

“Historically motivation for stylists came from financial gain. We are in a rural market town and we’ve found reinvesting our profits back into the community really chimes with our team. They know when they upsell services, push retail or even just stick to the formulas stored in Vish, it will ensure the colour bar is profitable. We have more to invest in community and charity projects. Our team love that we are helping to sustain our community.”

Sarah Lancaster, Elevan Hairdressing, Brandon, Suffolk

2 A Positive  Focus Boosts  Engagement 

“Simplicity is important as well as communicating the benefits to stylists. It’s also important to avoid constant nagging. Even with a committed team there’s a challenge motivating everyone to stick to protocol. This includes finishing off one bottle before opening another so it can be counted, measuring waste at the end of every service or recording their formula for consistency. Installing Vish has ended any need to pester the team about colour because it is simple and sustainable and my team are totally on it. It just took a few weeks for it to become a habit and now they wouldn’t do it any other way. That’s what pushed us into the top spot of the Waste Warrior Awards.”

Karine Jackson, Karine Jackson Sustainable Hair Salon, London

3 Together We  Can Do  So Much 

“Since the third lockdown our team has become more driven to create less waste. Being placed in the top five salons in the UK in the Vish Waste Warrior Awards has given us a fresh determination to do even better next time. Celebrating success is very motivating. We plan to place a colour bar on both levels of the salon to make reweighing easier and make sure the stairs are no obstacle to our team’s efficiency. We will incentivise the team by introducing rewards for those with the highest reweigh and the least amount of waste each month.” 

Jess Sage, Mayfair & Grace, Tetbury, Gloucestershire

4 40% Saving on  Professional  Stock Orders 

“The personal care sector has a lot of waste and we want to minimise this. To ensure this message lands with the team we outline how this sets us apart from other salons. We reiterate how we care about the issues important to our staff and clients for a guilt-free and eco-championing stance. This isn’t just about ethics. It’s also sound business sense and we’ve communicated this to our team and shown how it benefits them. Together as a team we constantly evaluate how we can reduce our impact on the environment through innovation and embracing new ways of working. We track that so we can celebrate performance and maximise our team’s potential earnings.

Misho Dimitrov, Misho Hair Studio, Stockbridge, Hampshire

5 Explicit  Data Equals  Crystal Clear Communication 

“With any changes it’s important to motivate the team by being clear about what the change means, why it’s important and what the positive outcomes will be. The great thing about Vish is you have a platform that shows each individual’s percentages. When employees see how well everyone is doing it encourages a healthy competition, which motivates the team to push for greater sustainability.”

Lauren Pearce, CC Hair Salon, Northampton

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This article appears in the June 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal