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Men’s stylist, barber, educator and photographer Kevin Luchmun has joined Andis as international artistic team lead.

Kevin will play a pivotal role in the development of Andis educational programmes and artistic directions for photoshoots. He will also be instrumental in the formation of new programmes and will continually develop the creative and editorial talents of Andis creators.

Kevin was thrilled with the appointment and said: “Very early in my career I got the opportunity to work on the Andis stage at Salon International. From that moment I was passionate about Andis and I was always intent on working with the brand. For me there was never an alternative to Andis and I’ve waited a long time for this to come to fruition.”

Andis global education manager Angie Perino believes Kevin’s multi-faceted skills base, creative vision, technical precision and stage craft, both as a hair artist and educator, led to the creation of this new role. She said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Kevin as we continue to expand our outreach to barbers and stylists globally.”


Stag Barber Co in Edinburgh is trading haircuts for anything except money as part of a new project called Barter Barber.

The idea started when founder of Stag Barber Co, Murray McRae, travelled around the world.

He explained: “We learned how to unicycle in Poland, were taught to ski in Austria and went wolf trekking in Norway, all in exchange for haircuts.”

He wrote on Instagram: “We stayed with truly amazing people and shared unforgettable experiences. What really stuck with us was this idea of value. What is something worth when not defined by money?

There are so many unique, precious qualities that a person can bring to the table, sometimes so much more than their hourly or yearly wage. We occasionally do this informally at Stag Barber Co, trading haircuts for a plumbing repair or a piece of art, but now we want to open this up so everyone can get involved.

We’re introducing Barter Barber to Stag Barber Co in Edinburgh – the idea is that you can offer to pay for your haircut with anything except money.”

Murray will be keeping aside appointments each month for barters only.


Murdock of London has found male clients are embracing the longer styles grown over lockdown, including longer beards.

Since reopening its doors, the barbershop has noticed a change in attitude towards longer hair and beard styles with many clients asking how to maintain them.

Katherine LeBlanc, head barber at Murdock of London Soho said: “I anticipate longer hair and longer beards sticking around. Men are adjusting to a natural and low-maintenance look. What’s important is not letting the upkeep slip as barbers still have an important role.”

The grooming brand has offered advice on how to make the most of grown-out styles, ensuring the laid-back look is still appropriate for work and social occasions now the world is opening up.

Joe Pomper, head barber at Murdock of London Covent Garden/Soho explained: “A lot of men will be ready to explore a lengthier finish. The most popular requests are neater backs and sides with longer lengths on top, as messy hair over the ears and across necklines are what bug people the most, especially after months without a trim.”

This article appears in the June 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the June 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal