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Create bespoke shades to ensure client loyalty

“I’m creating custom-made shades for my clients using ultra-concentrated colour pigments called Power Pigments by Crazy Color. I’m using the range to push the boundaries and consider new possibilities for my clients. Plus, I’m sending my clients home with some colour as aftercare. A few pumps of the pigments in their shampoo or conditioner and they are good to go. I also mix the ultra-concentrated colour pigments into my neutral shades to create intense or pastel shades. I’ve found sending clients home with their own custom-made colour pot really makes them feel special. The feedback has been really positive as clients love having a shade made just for them!”

Amber Letham, Crazy Color Sponsored Stylist

2 Use vivid colours to increase your social engagement 

“Many of my vivid clients come from recommendations or from seeing my work online. Making sure my content is high quality with no editing helps to showcase my colour skills and opens more opportunities for colour work in future. I upgrade my colour services with Crazy Color Power Pigments to create a finished product that really makes a statement on social media. It attracts new clients and encourages existing ones to be more adventurous with their colour. You can use vibrant shades in a more subtle way to create more of an introductory service. I’m based in a mining village, as opposed to a city, but thanks to the power of social media I now have an ever growing vivid client base.”

Becky Sutherland, Crazy Color Sponsored Stylist

3 Good coverage saves time and money 

“Using products that give good coverage saves me both time and money. I use Crazy Color Power Pigments because it gives me the option to pump extra pigment into my mixture. We don’t always want extra pigment, but it gives me the choice, so I have complete control.

I also have a tip to save you extra time behind the chair. Dilute your colour with water and pop in an applicator bottle and squeeze over a balayage for a soft pastel finish. It’s a technique by my stylist Arron and it saves us so much time in the salon. In terms of versatility, we use Power Pigments in high lift tint so we can lift and deposit at the same time. This keeps the hair in great condition too as we don’t need to use bleach!”

Sophia Hilton, Crazy Color Ambassador


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This article appears in the June 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the June 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal