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This salon is a blend of Giuseppe Manco’s culture, marrying the original features of the building’s old English history with Giuseppe’s ‘no rush’ Italian approach to his clients. After moving to the UK from Italy, he spent time building a loyal client base, fostering an excellent reputation and shaping his vision for his own salon while at a top Winchester salon.

Giuseppe and his wife Veronika Murugina fell in love with this space at first sight. Adorned with features from its humble beginning as a 17thcentury carriage manufacturers, the couple were eager to retain the history in the final renovation. That meant preserving the doors, the flooring in the reception and the spiral staircase.

“The salon is designed for people who value an individual and per sonalised experience, in fact our ser vices have all the hallmarks of aleisurely Mediterranean lunch”


Name: Giuseppe Manco

Address: 10

Charlecote Mews, Staple Gardens, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 8SR

Owner/s: Giuseppe Manco and Veronika Murugina

Size: 908sqft

How long have you been in the premises: Since June 2021

How many staff: 5

Budget: £50,000

The journey begins as the client enters the reception where “they are served a refreshing drink and given time to leave their thoughts behind,” says Giuseppe. The area is filled with candles and aroma lamps that emit a relaxing lavender scent and a deep, rich blue adorns the walls (Farrow & Ball’s Inchyra Blue). As the client walks through to the styling area, the wall colour progresses into a lighter, softer shade of blue, and fades to an even lighter blue in the backwash area. This colour choice reflects how each client should feel after their appointment – lighter, uplifted and revitalised.

Giuseppe and Veronika chose four REM Pietranera Vento Styling Chairs, and although Giuseppe and Veronika are planning to introduce more, the limited number of chairs mirrors their Italian, ‘no rush’ approach. “The salon is designed for people who value an individual and personalised experience, in fact our services have all the hallmarks of a leisurely Mediterranean lunch,” says Giuseppe, “the team dedicates time and love to each client.”

Finally, the intimate backwash area currently includes two basins, however, the couple also hopes to expand to three in the near future. This space features the lightest wall colour of the whole salon, as well as invigorating lights that leave the client feeling refreshed.

Giuseppe believes that hairdressing is more than cut and colour, and it’s clear that him and his team spent a lot of time designing an experience that cares for the client.


1 Think about the client's journey through the salon. Focus on the emotions the client will feel during their appointment.

2 Don’t compromise. Keep looking until you find a salon that you fall in love with.

3 Think about the dynamics of your space. It’s important to understand how to arrange your sections.

This article appears in the June 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the June 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal