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Should you offer more services than hair?


At Hazel & Haydn we’re so much more than a salon. We’re a community hub, working hard to support and better our local neighbourhood, alongside making our clients look and feel great.

As a salon based in a busy city centre, our clients are spoilt for choice so it’s important for us to stand out. From the outside we are not recognisable as a salon, which creates curiosity.

Support and Our interior is better our local industrial, but warm with an abundance of alongside making plants and local sure our clients artwork. Set over two floors, our ground floor is sociable whilst upstairs is a quiet retreat.

Yes, we are a renowned colour salon, but we like to offer more. Alongside hair services we offer holistic beauty treatments, including a bespoke essential oil service. Our in-house barista in our coffee shop, Hatch, provides complimentary drinks to clients and passers-by via a… hatch!

This acts as a talking point which has helped us generate new clients and an additional revenue stream. We have attracted 600 local followers in just over 6 months!

We love collaborating with local businesses. Our retail area offers dog treats, skincare and candles made by our own therapist, Claire. And of course we have my dog, Alan. Clients love to take him for a walk – he’s another addition to the community we've created.

We’re a welcoming community hub, working hard neighbourhood , look and feel to great.


The way salons operate and the services offered has drastically changed over the past few years.

Post-pandemic, businesses have come together in order to survive, reducing costs and overheads. There is absolutely nothing wrong with offering additional services in the salon however it is not something I personally would do.

Hairdressing is my niche, it’s what I excel in and what Taylor’s Hair Studio is known for within our local area of Skegness and further afield. I offer professional hairdressing services only – Iwouldn’t feel right offering other services, such as beauty, to my clients.

My salon space is set up purely for hair, the size of the salon is perfect for the amount of clients coming through the door. Our salon is suitable for the team who work in it and the client journey has been adapted to ensure it is seamless at every step.

As well as this, bringing in another service from another industry also changes your business. It may be that the insurance rises or new insurance is set up purely required, new legal contracts and business documents need to be created and this would likely mean overheads, electricity and water bills would rise.

Many salons have brought in different services which is fantastic, however for myself and Taylor’s Hair Studio, it’s not something we wish to look at.

As a salon owner, my space is for hair, the size of the salon is perfect for the amount of clients coming through the door

This article appears in the June 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the June 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal