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As Christmas approaches, most people are thinking about relaxing and enjoying some time off wo k with pay. Not so in the salon industry! The days leading up to Christmas often feature clients desperately trying to squeeze in last minute appointments. If you run your own salon business, it’s vital that you ensure your clients can book appointments easily and efficient . Here are five simple ways to optimise your salon over Christmas and maximise your revenue over the festive period.

1 Get Your Staff Involved

In order to cope with increased demand during periods of high footfall, you’ll need to ensure your staff have been fully involved in all aspects of salon management. A good place to start is by encouraging them to take ownership of their bookings and learn how best they can cater for clients and deliver on salon service standards. This not only helps improve customer experience and retention rates, but it also helps your staff feel empowe ed.

2 Think About Better Payment Options

Client checkout can often be a bit of a bottle-neck for salons at peak times. If the salon is a mixture of employed and self-employed staff, this further compounds the problem – with payment tracking being necessary to ensure money is getting routed to the correct bank accounts.

Beu solves this issues, and gives you complete flexibility to manage payment options. With Beu you can take either deposits, or complete payments in advance of appointments protecting your bottom line from dreaded no-shows. In addition to this, self-employed staff can add their own bank account – meaning payments can be sent directly to them reducing the amount of finance admin equired every month. Clients also have complete flexibility – they can pay for their appointment directly from the app, in addition to using traditional card and cash methods.

3 Christmas Competitions

Why not hold a giveaway and ask fans of your salon on Facebook and Instagram to upload a selfie that includes their new haircut? Make sure they tag it with your salon name and a hashtag so you can easily spot them, then put all these photos into one collage and share it on social media. Not only will this increase loyalty to your salon, the increased activity on your page will help you beat the dreaded algorithm.

4 Add a Loyalty Scheme

Keeping your clients coming back is an essential way to optimise your salon over Christmas. A loyalty scheme is a great way to reward returning customers, while at the same time helping you gain valuable insights about what your regulars want from their experience in-salon.

5 Use Technology to Streamline Operations

The Christmas period can be the busiest time of the year for salons, so why not use technology to make things a little easier? Beu is a platform designed for the needs of salons. It offers a complete solution for full salons, self-employed hairdressers and everything in between. With the slick web app and mobile apps you can run your business from anywhere, and your clients can book and pay with the touch of a button.

Find out how Beu can transform your business now at e

This article appears in the December 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the December 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal