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The Wella Professionals Education Book is now live! Whether you are looking to acquire the most solid foundation in hairdressing or develop your craft, ella Professionals Education will deliver at every stage of your hairdressing career. Many courses even offer a choice of being delive ed digitally or face-to-face in the studio, with some available as a hybrid option; all of which will set you up for a successful 2022. See our edit of our favourite courses to book on to now…

Download a copy of the Wella Education Book 2022 at educationbook and start your journey today!


Time: 8 days

Wella’s most comprehensive business course, this 8-day programme led by Business Guru Liz McKeon is spread over 6 months and offers intensive development of your own business plan and coaching towa ds your chosen goals.

PRICE (Excl. VAT): £1885/€2000

“Being a salon owner can be a lonely place. From the moment I walked into day one of the Wella Master Business Programme I knew this would be a game-changer. I feel honoured to be receiving business advice from an industry leader alongside the reassurance of fellow owners. This course has changed my life and will continue to stay with me for my entire career.”

Mandy Humphrey, Saramanda, attended the Wella Master Business Programme


▼ Time: 1 day

A new 1-day colour master craft-level course featuring the industry’s most esteemed colourists, who have created their very own colour seminar. They’ll invite you to open your mind and embrace your creativity as you explore the world of hair colour, and discover both the creative and technical process behind their work.

PRICE (Excl. VAT): £275 /€295

NEW FOR 2022



▼ Time: 1 day

Led by Sebastian’s global creative artist Angelo Vallillo, this introduction to blading will provide you with the fundamentals to become confident using it every da in the salon. You’ll learn the special Sebastian technique and how to upgrade your cutting services with a diffe ent skill set, including two modern blading cuts.

PRICE (Excl. VAT): £250 / €300

NEW FOR 2022


▼ Time: 1 day

Attend this hands-on seminar and return with a host of new waving and curling techniques using a range of hot styling tools, allowing you to create an on-trend look for each client. From long-lasting curls to S-waves, you’ll learn how to prep the hair, set curls with diffe ent finishes and d ess out the hair perfectly – essential for that all-important Instagram shot.

PRICE (Excl. VAT): £225 / €265

NEW FOR 2022


Time: 1 day

Join the Wella Artists on this 1-day course and become confident i creating elegant and modern styles that will allow your clients to look and feel fabulous, whatever the occasion. Learn the foundations of hair-up, from proper preparation through to the perfect finish PRICE (Excl. VAT): £225 / €265

“I loved how the educators took time to get to know me and discuss what I felt weakest in; this meant that I got education perfectly tailored to what I needed."

Tierney Thornley, Stacey Dexter Hairdressing, attended Classic Cutting

NEW FOR 2022


▼ Time: 1 day

Corrective Balayage is a 1-day advanced craft course that helps you to master skills such as reverse balayage and the art of diffusing da k bands to achieve beautiful balayage results. Learn to manage your clients’ expectations and ensure that offering balayage as a colour-corrective service is profitable for you and the salon.

PRICE (Excl. VAT): £179 / €210

“This course gave me confidence in achieving a seamless blend and being efficient in my placement based on the face shape and desired lightness. I would recommend to anyone looking for a salon friendly technique which can be achieved in realistic time.”

David Martin Hairdressing Group, attended Colour Craft Balayage”


▼ Time: 9 weeks

Colour Craft Specialist Online is now available as a digita 9-week programme, fully interactive and assessed by the Studio Educators. The perfect way to begin or recap the fundamentals of your Wella colour journey, the programme includes the following courses: Colour Cra Essential, Colour Craft Co rection, Colour Craft Highlight and Colour Genius.

PRICE (Excl. VAT): £716 / €873


▼ Time: 2.5 hours (digital) + 1 day (studio)

The new Mastering Grey course offers the choice of either a digital-only session or the full digital-studio hybrid, which gives more comprehensive deep-dive into the world of grey hair and includes a practical workshop. Both options include a close look at the new product from Wella Professionals, ‘True Grey’, aimed specifically at the non-colouring g ey-haired market.

Digital only PRICE (Excl. VAT): £40 / €45 Digital-Studio Hybrid: PRICE (Excl. VAT): £179 / €210

Book your education today by contacting your Wella account manager or chosen studio, or visit to find out mo e

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This article appears in the December 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal