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Return of the Dip-Dye

Jaymz Marsters for Salons Direct

“Stripes, chunky face frames and dip-dyes are back,” says Jaymz Marsters for Salons Direct. “Clients are wanting contrasted colour throughout their hair. My personal favourite is the straight-line dip,” he says. "Use electrical/insulating tape on the hair to help guide you to a straight line.”

It won't absorb any colour, plus it doesn’t pull on the hair when you remove it.“We’re seeing an increasing trend of unique colour placements on the hair rather than a full application of colour,” say the Vanity Doll Salon team members for Directions. “Clients will experiment more with small bits of multiple colours, as they get more confident in a fuller cove age.”

Mushroom Magic

Gavin McIntyre for Alfaparf Milano for YELLOW

“Looking at Pantone’s colour trends for next year, I’m predicting a big surge in nude and pastel tones,” says Niall McNulty, Matrix Artist Ambassador. “This trend will also give flexibility when deciding on th correct bespoke blend of gold and ash tones to best complement your client,” he adds. Mushroom blonde and brunette is another hot hair colour for 2022. “This is a mix of two colours – platinum blonde infused with a violet toner and a very cool brunette,” says Paul Watts, JOICO European design team member. “Working together, the colours create a double metallic effec . It's all about the partnership of the shades working together. I think mushroom blonde and brunette will be hugely popular as it is very client friendly with a little touch of creativity.”

Girl with the Pearl

Pedro Pimpão for Pulp Riot

From pearl mocha to rose blonde, pearly tones are set to be big news. “Think peachy rose blonde, golden rose blonde, pearl latte, pearly pink notes that work on blonde, brunette or red hair,” says Victoria Panting, sales and technical education consultant for Salon Success. “Warm tones are definitely going to be a big t end for 2022 – think coppers, rose gold tones and dusty peaches,” adds Pedro Pimpão for Pulp Riot. These iridescent tones are a great way to switch up your client’s usual hair colour without bringing them too far out of their comfort zone.

Golden Hour

Vicki Hoskin for Redken

“We have seen an influx of coole tones over the last couple years, so it’s reds turn in the spotlight," says Manic Panic ambassadorial stylist, Vicki Hoskin. Blondes will switch from ash to gold. “Vanilla and butter blondes will take the lead, moving away from icy grey hair and giving a softe , more elegant look,” says ASP ambassador Tracey Devine-Smith.

Warm reds and coppers are also on the rise. “We are noticing a surge in requests for coppers and reds which seems to be picking up momentum on social channels, especially TikTok,” says Redken ambassador, Samantha Cusick. Schwarzkopf Professional ambassador Tim Scott-Wright says celebrity influence is also driving thi trend for warmer tones. He explains: "Gigi Hadid recently rocked a new auburn hue and its celebs like this that help to push new trends."


“There is nothing more appealing to clients than transparency over costs, especially when it comes to colour,” says Sean Butt, salon director at Alchemy & I. Sometimes additional services can make charging erratic, which can be stressful for clients. “We introduced Vish technology at the colour bar to measure and monitor all product as it’s dispensed – it then alerts reception about extra bowls or added services. We redesigned our colour menu with a fixed threshold; anything over that is itemised on the bill, ensuring we guarantee our clients clear and fair charging for all colour and treatments,” he adds.

This article appears in the December 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the December 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal