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Should children and babies be allowed in the salon?


I can count on one hand how many children have actually been unruly in the salon. The average parent that brings their kids in has either no other option, or the kids are well behaved.

I remember reading an article about a woman breastfeeding in a hair salon who was given half a haircut and then refused her service when she started breastfeeding her five-month-old. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident – even though it is illegal.

“When clients have supported our business, why should we abandon them when they have children?”

Having a baby is such a difficult time – you can experience post-natal depression, lose your identity, and feel incredibly lonely. When clients have supported our business for many years, why should we abandon them? A trip to the salon makes parents feel great and for someone whose life has changed dramatically it is some much needed normality. Is it fair to deprive a client of this just because they need to feed an infant or cannot get childcare?

Understandably, there is a genuine concern when it comes to young children negatively affecting other guests, but I do not believe the answer is to simply dismiss all parents with young children. Whether they be offered the last appointment of the day, or a set day a month just for them, I believe it is important that we don’t push away our clients when they need us the most.


I don’t believe the salon is a good environment for children and especially babies. It’s only natural that baby’s needs come first. That means if parents need to change them or stop for a feed, it makes work difficult for the ha dresser.

These eventualities can interrupt our work at a potentially crucial time – when colour is due to be washed off, or your next client is coming in shortly after. Our columns are run with military precision at busy times of the year, so this can disrupt your schedule, which has a knock-on effect for all guests

At Roar we pride ourselves on creating a relaxing atmosphere and experience for all of our guests. We want them to have a luxurious pamper session and encourage them to switch off from daily stresses. Babies are of course adorable and warm our hearts. However, when you are trying to relax – as the parent or another guest – it can be difficult when babies are crying nearby.

“I don’t believe the salon is a good environment for children and babies”

With that in mind, I believe it’s not the duty of our team to look after our guests’ children during their appointment either. We offer Roar Cub Cut for children in the salon, however we request that their parent must be present during the entire appointment. Not only does this make our job easier and allows us to focus on doing their hair, it ensures the children are at ease too.

This article appears in the December 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the December 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal