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Clock shop CHIC

An antique clock shop is the newly renovated home of Jack & The Wolfe salon in Lymington. “Cosy yet luxurious, boutique and full of character,” is how owners Jack Mead and Lydia Wolfe describe their freshly redesigned salon. “Jack and The Wolfe is for everyone – every age group, gender and individual. The neon signs and novel details have a more youthful, quirky appeal whilst the antique pieces add a touch of class,” Jack and Lydia explain.

Originally opened in March 2019, Jack & The Wolfe expanded their premises and underwent a luxurious transformation over lockdown, with owners Jack and Lydia living and working in the salon premises. A mix of rich greens, gold, wooden touches and pops of neon pink can be seen around the salon, which was designed by Jack and Lydia themselves. “Having lived and worked in the space since opening, this gave us time to see how the space worked and evaluate the client journey in so many different ways. We did have a helping hand with our kitchen from designer Harriet Green, from Howdens,” explains Jack and Lydia.

With over 10 years in the industry, Jack and Lydia had a clear vision for the boutique salon. Their salon features an 18th century forest wall mural – which is a nod to the New Forest, located nearby. A private studio overlooks the salon’s courtyard garden, giving clients the opportunity to relax in a safe, private space and to get in touch with nature. With a mix of velvet furnishings, light walls and contrasting dark detailing; the salon is spread over two floors and decorated with upcycled and antique furnishings. “Although they all follow the same aesthetic, we wanted to give each area its own unique style” adds Jack.

Not without its challenges, renovating Jack & The Wolfe was something Jack and Lydia had wanted to do since opening the salon in 2019, but they had to wait for the right time financially to take the plunge. “It was very much a work in progress… from rotten beams to a leaking roof, bad electrical wiring to unsteady floors, we encountered a lot of setbacks,” explain Jack and Lydia. With help from their colour house Goldwell, Jack and Lydia have managed to resolve these issues once and for all and create a calm space for Jack & The Wolfe.

With a global pandemic only making them stronger, Jack & The Wolfe have created a chic and serene salon for clients to sit back and relax.


Name: Jack & The Wolfe

Address: Quay Point, Quay Hill, Lymington, SO41 3AR

Owners: Jack Mead and Lydia Wolfe

How long have you been in the premises: 2.5 years

How many staff members: 8


1 Upcycle and source local
Try to upcycle and source locally as much of your furnishings as possible, its better for the environment and you can get inspired with some really unique pieces.

2 Less is more
Our style started off very eclectic, the more dialled back version is just as impactful but more appealing to a wider clientele.

3 Think about the day-to-day
Ensure design elements will be practical with the daily running of the salon, imagine yourself as a stylist in the space.

This article appears in the September 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the September 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal