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Wigs on a dime!

Why is wig work great for all level of hairdressers?

Wigs are accessible to all hairdressers these days because there are so many different places where you can purchase them, particularly the internet which has made them open to all. So many hairdressers work with wigs, all you have to do is reach out and ask if anybody has one and you can pretty much guarantee someone nearby will have one that you can start to play with!

What are your tips and tricks from your experience using wigs on TV shows like The Voice and Little Mix The Search?

My kitbag is always full of hairpieces, wigs, fringes and ponytails that I’ve made, all ready to be used for any TV show. My number one tip is to make sure that the hair is prepped underneath the wig, so the wig wrap or braid is nice and tight on the head. Regardless of whether you’re using an expensive lace wig that’s been hand knotted or something that’s cheaper, make sure it fits the head well. If you’ve got a non-lace front wig, make sure that the fringe area and the sides sit neatly and ensure it’s tight for the most seamless look possible.

Another tip is to remove any weight from the wig that can make it look bulky – that could be around the crown area where it sits high, but generally it's around the ear area, where it can look thick. Don’t be afraid to use your razor or thinning scissors to get into the base of the wig and remove the excess weight so it sits nice and flat. Also ensure your styling is well executed and you’ve got great compression in the right areas, so that the wig fits really snug around the hairline, the nape of the neck, around the fringe and the ear to be sure that it looks as realistic as possible. When I work on TV shows it's for an instant look for a 2 - 3 minute performance, so it’s not got to be something that’s wearable for a whole day or night out. But one of the most important things is to make sure whoever’s wearing the wig, loves their look.

Do you have any specific advice for introducing clients to wigs in the salon?

When working with a client in the salon it all depends on what they want. Wearing a wig could be for a fashion look or due to hair loss, both are very different. If it’s for fashion, you need to find out what the client wants. They may want to have a long piece, or a short bob, so you need to find a wig that’s going to fit well. In my experience, if its for hair loss you want to try to find an option that makes the client feel like themselves, so finding a base wig that’s already a similar colour, length, density and even with a similar movement to the hair itself, is really important.

Tell us about the client who is going through chemo... HJ understands you've taught her how to style her wig for her wedding day?

I currently have a bride who has lost all of her hair through chemo, she’s such a brave woman with a great attitude. She has no desire to wear a wig daily and she’s completely embracing her journey, which I admire endlessly. But she’s getting married and she really wants beautiful hair for her wedding day.

She’s sourced images of looks that she would never have been able to have with her own hair before losing it, unless she had loads of extensions fitted. Because she now has the option to have the hair that she wants, she’s picked the hair of her dreams! So, I’ve found a wig that’s a length and colour tone that’s suitable for her, and I have two pre-made choices that are ready to be fitted on the day of her wedding. I won’t see her on the day itself, but I’ll be meeting her four days before where she can try it on. I’ve used a unit that’s ready to wear, so she hasn’t got to worry about a lace front or hiding any areas. She’ll take it home on a foam head, and it will already be styled with a tiara and veil in place. On the day all she has to do is slip it on.

Do you use the term 'wig' - or do you think it needs a rebrand?

For me, it will always be wig! There’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to using the term 'wig'. So many celebrities and A-Listers are constantly changing their looks with a wig, and nearly everybody now knows their wearing one, so let's own it!

This article appears in the September 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the September 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal