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Life Through a Lens

 Pacific Ocean Green
“This is an image from Light. Time & Colour, a new conceptual collection from Davines. I love this shot because it exists outside of fashion or trends. The aim was for it to be singular – something you could like or dislike but not be able to compare to anything else. It combines bronze sand and tasteful green tones with a haircut that is half Young Americans era David Bowie and half Ska Punk.”

Graduated Veil
“This is the most difficult piece of work I have ever produced. It was created with 100% real hair without wefts or wigs, which meant the technique needed to be perfect. It was the first image I created which gained any attention so it always has a special place within my archive.”

Shadow and Sculpture Prints
“These are lifestyle images I created to be used in salons but shot with a high-end film portrait approach. I wanted these images to introduce a wider conversation on commercial beauty that is stripped back, natural and relevant beyond hairdressing.”

Parisian Grey
“The first image I created for Davines was led by the colour of the models eyes. The slate grey/blue tone with a cute Parisian crop created something I feel has a good combination of being wearable but unusual at the same time.”

First Light
“First Light is a look that treats a shape like a sculpture and uses colour to bring it to life. 
A twisted knot, combined with a graduated undercut and an exaggerated feather effect fringe. This look represents my approach of combining haircutting with hairdressing to create something which feels new. Using colour to separate the sections makes the look much more abstract which I always enjoy.”

Wearing the Look
“I believe a person should wear the look rather than the look wearing them. This secondary image of the Pacific Ocean Green colour is a great example of this. I handed the model some styling product and explained that we’d like her to style the hair without a mirror and we’d shoot a portrait. 
She did it and this was the portrait.”

This article appears in the May 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the May 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal