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Take your cues from architecture

Hair: Emma Simmons Make-up: Paula Maxwell Styling: Bernard Connolly 

“Inspired by ambitious architecture in Singapore, classic shapes coupled with changing geometry along with a well curated mix of texture and structure, this collection injects new life and vibrancy into iconic styles of yesteryears.”

Cooling All Blondes

Hair: Jonathan Andrew for Fudge Professional Make-up: Meg Lindow, Caroline Menkes and Yasmin Schwitzer Styling: Jen Wheeler 

“Cooling all Blondes is a celebration of diversity. We always love to push the boundaries and fudge the rules! This collection recognises and embraces all hair textures and blonde tones from natural sun-kissed blonde to high lift ice-white platinum. We believe it’s important to #OwnYourTone and using a range of blonde toning haircare and styling products this can happen in the salon or at home.”

Forward-thinking looks CYBERNETICS

Hair: Darrel Starkey and Saffron Burton Make-up: Lucy Jones Styling: Darrel Starkey and Saffron Burton 

“We have strong individual aesthetics but wanted to team up together to create something unique and bold. Inspired by an image of a cartoon we began drafting our concept to add a glamorous feel to the cyber-punk era. From braids to curls, each element and detail was designed to create a new twist on the concept and bring cyber-punk into the 21st century.”


Past, present and future

Hair: Martene Mallett and Alison Adams, MODE Hair, Chipping Campden, Art direction: Martin Crean, Make-up: Lan Nguyen-Grealis 

“This collection goes back to basics and puts a modern twist on classic styles. We want our images to remind us of positive memories from the past and present combined with our hopes for the future.”


Exploring textures and shapes

Hair: Kai Wan Make-up: Katie Moore Styling: Jenny Wan 

“This collection called Polymorphous explores different stages of waves and texture in hair from almost naturally straight hair to Afro.”

This article appears in the May 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the May 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal