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A special partnership


Ben’s advice for aspiring salon owners:

I don’t think there is ever a right time for anything in life. You just have to go for it or you will only talk yourself out of it. You might upset a few people on the way but if they truly love you they will support you. If you give it your all you can’t fail. Ask for advice and don’t be afraid to look stupid because that’s how we all grow. 

Ben’s challenges in 2020:

 launched my own salon Ben Russell Salon in 2020 and it was my proudest moment to date. I’ve always wanted to have my own salon from the day I started hairdressing. My salon really captures everything I’ve learned on my journey through life and it’s a hair home for me. It’s a place everyone can come to relax and it takes away all the anxieties people have about going to a salon. Last year I learned the value of relationships and how much we need each other. It’s shown me who I can count on when I need them. It’s been amazing receiving support from people in our industry.

Ben’s experience working on the Australian FAME Team:

When I worked in Australia the Australian FAME Team was a dream come true. I always wanted to be part of the UK FAME Team so being able to see the world and do it in Australia was an even more incredible experience. What I really enjoyed was the mentoring and personal growth of the programme by Australia’s most highly rated hairdressers. I remember we had one of the biggest crowds at one point on the HJ Stage at Salon International and I looked at my team mate and thought – wow what an incredible feeling!

Ben’s love for industry awards and competitions:

I’ve been entering hair competitions since college when I was 16 years old. I’ve reached finalist status at HJ’s British Hairdressing Awards, sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional, the Australian Hair Fashion Awards plus I’ve won at L’Oréal Colour Trophy. I love having an outlet as I believe all hairdressers are creative people. I believe doing competitions or shoots gives us an outlet that is different from our everyday work in the salon. I’ve worked with some of the most incredible hairdressers in salons and they tried a few competitions but it wasn’t for them. It doesn’t make them any less of a hairdresser in my eyes as they are some of the best people I’ve worked with. Salon work is our bread and butter so get that right and opportunities will come your way. 


Ben’s attraction to Elgon: 

Elgon stood out for me because of how authentic it is as a brand. I also love the history of the brand and the family behind it. Elgon colour attracted me at first because it had a cooler direction and more of my clients were asking for cooler colours. I love the size, simplicity and versatility of the range and being able to change my developer and development times to cater for all hair types within one range. Luminoil is a bestseller for me because in three minutes I can condition, detangle, add shine and body with my Deluxe Cut and Finish upgrade service. 

Ben’s go-to Elgon products: 

The Elgon styling Sublimia range does it all and is suitable for everyone. The scents are a winner and I love 37 Prep It for styling. The 5 Filler Cream is a body boosting hero and 58 Pump It! adds volume, texture and hold. 

Ben’s philosophy for choosing a professional brand: 

Choosing a brand to stock is never easy but Elgon has amazing ethics that really grabbed my attention. It is family-run with a female CEO and a commitment to charity work that really inspires me. The brand’s chosen charity ‘COOPI’ helps empower women to create and grow healthy cashew nut farming businesses, and its new project will help bring fresh drinking water to villages that still don’t have access to it. 


This article appears in the January 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the January 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal