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Thomas Hills, TH1 Hair director is known for his shoot to-thrill collections and striking images, here he selects his favourite pictures from a stellar career

Head for heights

This image, from my 2021 British Hairdressing Awards collection is an expression of creativity and freedom. I love the juxtaposition of understated femininity and strength.

Pink power

This image from my Wink collection is, to me, as relevant today as it was when we shot it in 2017. It portrays pigment brightly and boldly and I love that it’s elegant, yet frivolous.

Mullet over

From my Iconic collection, this image was used as a cover for Hairdressers Journal back in 2017 and I love the retro appeal of the 80s inspired mullet.

Silver queen

I have always championed silver hair, and this image from my Craft collection, put multi-dimensional metallic tones centre stage. The strong cut is a serious statement.

Peachy keen

This image didn’t end up being used in the collection we shot it for, but it’s a favourite of mine thanks to its gritty peach tones – so different to how peach is normally portrayed.

The higher the hair...

This one is a wild card! It really stood out against the black and white shots in my Hell Sexy collection, this dominatrix-inspired image is a real mix of textures.

Braidy bunch

I love braids, and this image from my About a Girl collection really resonates with me. I love the duality the braids create – they're soft and feminine but a bit rock n' roll too.

This article appears in the January 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the January 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal