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What is Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect Shadow Lights?

Shadow Lights is the latest colour service available to clients as part of Wella’s Koleston Perfect Lights collection: Wella Professionals’permanent colour formulated to create vibrant, natural-looking, healthy and balanced colour results.

With clients now requesting boundless shade options, as well as the expertise of professional colourists, Shadow Lights is a muchneeded service that complements the Koleston Perfect colour range. Shadow Lights offers bespoke colour, from root touch-ups to highlights.

What makes this service so unique is the recognition that natural colour is not one dimensional – varied and contrasting tones are often found throughout hair. As such, Shadow Lights is committed to providing highprecision multi tones that are expertly blended to create a standout shade for your clients.


Why clients love Wella Professionals Shadow Lights

The colour market is changing. Many clients are opting for subtle, more natural-looking colour that’s tailormade. They are embracing the fact that natural hair consists of a blend of tones and dimensions. Typically, there is more depth of colour at the root and the hairline, whereas the ends tend to be lighter as a result of sun exposure and daily aggressions. With Shadow Lights you can work with your client to achieve customised colour: whether they require more of a bold, definitive colour achieved with foiled highlights, or more of a natural finish created with a balayage application.

The ‘No Beach Blondes’ photoshoot

With many people now rightfully prioritising the health of their hair over styling trends, clients are now seeking colour services that will help them achieve vibrant shades without compromising the health of their hair. Recognising this, Wella collaborated with Clayde Baumann, from D&J Ambrose and James Earnshaw, Wella UK&I digital ambassador to produce the stunning No Beach Blondes collection using the Wella Shadow





Roots: 40g 88/02 + 40g 9% Back Section: Lengths and Ends virgin application 40g 88/02 + 40g 12%

Front Hairline: Applied onto natural hair 30g 12/0 + 10g 0/65 + 12%

All mixed with Welloxon Perfect


Roots: Back Section: 30g 8/0 + 30g 4% Front Hairline: 20g 12/0 + 40g 9% Accent Shade: 20g 8/03 + 40g 1.9% All mixed with Welloxon Perfect



Lights technique. The aim? To show how you can lift roots and achieve rich colour, all without the use of bleach.

With Clayde tasked with creating the shades, and James at the helm of styling, the results, as you can see, are phenomenal. Commenting on the shoot, and Shadow Lights as a revolutionary approach to colour, Clayde says, “This collection is really about arming the hairdresser with a new set of application techniques and formulas, as well as a redirection into the way we think about Koleston Perfect. No Beach Blondes will inspire hairdressers to tackle the way they approach colour with a renewed and fresh perspective that champions the concept of maintaining optional hair integrity, whilst creating premium consumer-friendly results.” Commenting on the concept, James explains, “The shoot was all about keeping hair soft and beautiful to complement the colour work. Think soft bevels and flicks to create a 1970's feel: hair was flicked away from the face to enhance cheekbones and curved under for a modern take on the classic bob”.

Clayde Baumann, Wella Professionals top artist

James Earnshaw, Wella Professionals digital ambassador

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This article appears in the January 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal