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The term ‘cheugy’ has become popular on TikTok and among Gen Z and describes something that is outdated, a bit ‘basic’ or uncool.

Shockingly, TikTok users have added blonde hair to their ‘cheugy’ list.

It’s been making headlines across consumer titles – but where did it all start and what do the pros think?

The origins of Blonde Hair Being Called ‘Cheugy’

A viral TikTok video from @girlbosstown asked viewers if she should keep her hair blonde at her next hair appointment, after seeing various celebrities such as Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber go darker for the autumn/winter season. She then questioned if the platinum blonde colour was falling out of fashion.

ID Magazine picked up on the video, which was then covered by trend forecasting account @thedigifairy. The video covers how the move from bright ash and platinum blondes has paved the way for warmer golden tones and brunette hues.

What Do Hairdressers Think About The Term?

So, what do professionals think about the trend? “When Gen Z are describing blonde hair, they are thinking of ‘old’ blonde with highlights on medium length hair,” says Lisa Farrall, Matrix ambassador for UK &

Ireland. “It seems outdated to them as they see it on their mums, aunties and grandmas. So when thinking about blonde, I think it’s more highlighted hair they don’t like.”

The cost and maintenance required to be blonde also plays a part, adds Lisa. “Maintenance and cost has a big impact – will they sit in a salon for a colour correction which costs them £500, or try and sort it out at home?

They are tending to make one salon appointment where they lighten the front of the hair and get it done professionally, then they are going home and experimenting with pastel blues or pinks,” she says.

What Colour Services Are Popular With Gen Z?

It also comes down to the type of look that’s favourable with Gen Z clients at the moment, says Elena Lavagni, owner and founder of Neville Hair & Beauty: “Gen Z tend not to want root highlights.

Instead, they favour a more grown out look such as babylights with root melts, or balayage with root melts as this means the hair can grow out without extremely defined regrowth.”

She adds: “The younger generation are savvier with their money and want the maximum effect at minimum cost. They are less inclined to spend a lot of time in the salon and therefore prefer to choose low maintenance looks.”

So thankfully it’s certainly not the case that blonde hair is ‘cancelled’, but if you’re trying to attract a Gen Z clientele you need to think hard about your terminology and the imagery you’re using on social media.

Think natural and with plenty of root! Rest assured, the future is still bright for blondes.

This article appears in the January 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the January 2022 Issue of Hairdressers Journal