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Grand Master Barber Allan Stone has sadly passed away. Allan was a talented barber, teacher and barbershop owner. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this difficult time.

The industry shared their memories and good times spent with Allan across social media. The South Shields barber owned Stoney’s Barber Shop, he was a Great British Barbering Academy educator and a lecturer at South Tyneside college.

Paul Simmons, Simmons Barbershop creative director said: “I’ll miss you Allan Stone. I’ll miss your calls, I’ll miss your pep talks, I’ll miss your happy little face. See you on the other side. Love you brother.” Raymond Simons, Rays Barber Shop owner added: “Mr Allan Stone, affectionally known as Stoney to his mates, was a great friend to many and a family man. He will be greatly missed by everyone that knew him.

Not just because of his teaching and barbering skills but he was also a larger than life character.” James Kirton, barber at Shane’s Hair Studio shared: “To all of Allan Stone’s family and friends we are truly devastated to hear the news. Our thoughts are with you. You are my hero, my friend and heroes never die.”

‘‘ Allan Stone has been a huge supporter of the barbering industry. Pushing for higher standards and offering professional education to newcomers.”

There is increasing concern from the hairdressing industry and the public over the number of professional footballers sporting fresh haircuts during lockdown.

The NHBF has raised the issue with the Professional Footballers’ Association, the English Football League, The Premier League and the Football Association.

Richard Lambert, NHBF’s chief executive said: “We realise that some of the players may have cut their own hair or had it cut by someone within their bubble, but there seems to be a growing assumption that they must have knowingly broken the rules.”

He added: “Hairdressers and barbers have a responsibility to comply with the rules and it’s our job to make sure they understand what that means. There is no exemption for sportspeople, so when the public see people who appear to think the rules don’t apply to them, it really hits a nerve. With the whole country struggling as the pandemic continues, it’s important those in the public eye are sensitive to the need to show that we are all playing our part.”

The Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has given The British Master Barbers Primary Authority Status. This means the UK’s largest barbering alliance is sanctioned by the UK Government to provide advice on operational regulations such as environmental health and trading standards to its members.

Tony Copeland, co-founder of The British Master Barbers said: “This recognition, which we have been working tirelessly towards for the past year is a gamechanger for us as an organisation, the industry and our members. It also means all barbers are being recognised for our significant contributions to the UK economy.”

Tony and fellow co-founder Anthony Copeland worked with Horsham MP Jeremy Quinn to achieve this status and get recognition for the industry.

Jeremy said: “I welcome the efforts to improve standards across the industry made by the British Master Barbers’.”

This article appears in the March 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the March 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal