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“I can't live without my...”

“I couldn’t live without my round boar bristle brushes. As a stylist these have been crucial in my work throughout the years to achieve a smooth finish to all of my hairstyles. The boar bristles give a good amount of tension when working with them and the results speak for themselves. A great round boar bristle brush allows you to work more efficiently and quickly and leaves your client with a style that will last for days.”
Cimone Cheveux, freelance stylist

Round boar bristle brushes for your kitbag…

• Head Jog High Shine 116 High Shine Radial Brush (available in three sizes: 21mm, 27mm and 34mm) – £5.95 +VAT

• ELEVEN Australia Professional Round Brush (available in three sizes: 25mm, 33mm and 43mm) – RRP from £22

• Kent Salon Straightening and Curling Brush KS17 – £34

“One of my favourite brushes is a small paddle brush. It’s a trusty brush for fast wrap drying. This type of brush is multi-functional so it can be used for detangling, blow-drying, styling and straightening. It’s also ideal for a busy stylist as it allows for faster styling and it’s also perfect for the client as it’s gentler and less damaging to the hair – it’s a win-win!”
Dylan Brittain, Rainbow Room International George Square salon owner

Small paddle brushes for your kitbag…

• Denman Mini Paddle – RRP £9.50

• Cloud Nine Boar Bristle Paddle Brush Mini – £19.95

• The Knot Dr Pro Mini – RRP £11.95

“My favourite brush is a skinny finishing brush. When I am on set or backstage this is the brush that is always in my back pocket. I go for a densely packed natural boar bristle and it is brilliant for backcombing and smoothing away fine flyaways.

As it’s skinny you can also use the tip of it to detail baby hair around the hairline. This is the first brush I put in my set bag for the final touches before sending a contestant on stage when I’m working on the TV show, The Voice. A skinny finishing brush will polish the look and get rid of the invisible fuzz and fluff that the lights and cameras pick up.”
Vivienne Johns, part of the hair team for The Voice

Skinny finishing brushes for your kitbag…

• Kent KS04 Backcombing / Dressing Out Brush – £20

• Denman D91 Purple Backcomber – RRP £5.50

• ghd Narrow Dressing Brush – RRP £16.50


• Denman Anti-Bacterial Hairbrush Sanitiser – RRP £7.50

• Knot Dr PhD Kit – £22. 95

“I could not live without a dressing out brush in my hair kit. It’s ideal for finishing hair and it really helps to give a polished look – especially on soft, wavy hair. I would recommend every stylist has a dressing out brush in their kit. I don’t know what I’d do without mine!”
Safy Burton, salon owner Safy B Salon

Dressing out brushes for your kitbag…

• Kent Salon KS01 Brush – £30

• ghd Oval Dressing Brush – RRP £20

• Cloud Nine Luxury Boar Dressing Brush – RRP £39.95

“My hot brush is my favourite piece of kit. I couldn’t style without it! It works with different hair lengths and always gets the job done. It gives the perfect finish and shine and, most importantly, hot brushes are easy to work with.”
Kelly Whittaker, senior designer, Sarai Hair and Beauty

Hot brushes for your kitbag…

• BaByliss PRO Titanium Expression 50mm Big Hair Pro Brush – RRP £65

• Hot Tools Professional Black Gold Volumiser – RRP £80

• ghd Rise Hot Brush – RRP £169

• amika Hair Blow Dryer Brush – RRP £70

“A gentle detangling brush has fast become a staple in my colour kit. I know it’s a detangler by name, but it’s actually become my go-to brush for creating seamless colour melts. I’d recommend a detangler with flex guard technology as it detangles hairs without creating snags for a seamless distribution of colour.”
Gareth Williams, Salon64 stylist

Gentle detangling brushes for your kitbag…

• Denman D93 Mono Tangle Tamer Gentle – RRP £11.50

• Manta Mirror 2 in 1: Beauty on the Go – £28.50

• Head Jog 08 Straw Brush – £3.20 +VAT

This article appears in the March 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the March 2021 Issue of Hairdressers Journal