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An art gallery in its former life, the SACHAJUAN salon feels fresh and thoroughly modern, even though it originally opened in 1997. “We wanted to create a salon that was totally unique and that reflected our brand ethos,” explain owners Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind. “Hair can be complicated and at SACHAJUAN we always simplify how we approach hair. We extended this approach to the salon by taking away unnecessary objects.” By minimising the space inside, the focus is on the clients as opposed to what’s in the salon. Designed by Thomas Eriksson at TEA, it took approximately four months from securing the space to opening the doors for the first time.

The salon has a neutral colour scheme and the palette features white, brown and grey. “When we designed the salon, we were a little bit ahead of our time which is why the aesthetic is still so appealing today,” Sacha points out. “It still feels fresh and different. Back in 1997 we were seeing lots of salons creating spaces with black interiors and we did not feel this was right for us at all. We reacted to this trend by creating a salon that was the exact opposite. We picked the neutral colour palette and decided to keep the interior as white as possible. Complete white was a conscious choice and a definite reaction to that period of very black interiors.”

The styling area features Maletti Chairs from 1960, which Sacha and Juan maintain is an integral part of the interior. The floor is limestone and was already laid when they moved in. The stone’s soft beige colour worked perfectly with the brand’s neutral palette. The material comes from the Swedish island Gotland where it has been mined since Medieval times, so it fits perfectly with the brand’s Scandinavian heritage.

There are three backwashes placed towards the rear of the salon behind a glass wall, which creates a more private space without ruining the flow of the interior. The backwash area also houses the tools and products for treatments and colour so the salon is kept clean and minimalist. Sacha and Juan’s approach to hair and product development is the same as their approach to interior design – simple is better. There is no doubt this minimalist style is now more relevant than ever, so take your cues from the Swedish duo and create a timeless space that is clean and hygienic.

This article appears in the November 2020 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the November 2020 Issue of Hairdressers Journal