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Life Through a Lens

“We worked with fashion editor, Roberta Resta for this couture collection and gave the model a really strong statement fringe.”

“This image was taken when we started making the Electric professional range. We wanted to show beautiful hair that was in amazing condition with plenty of natural movement.”

“This has a special place for me. In 2006 I shot this with Alex Cechini who was instrumental in developing RUSH Hair's look which was quite graphic. He worked in our studio for a few days and I still look at this image and the way it sums up Electric. Strong British hair with natural texture, a strong perimeter shape and lots of movement.”

“This was an early shoot with Anthony Mascolo where we were keen for this to have a British, textured and street look.”

“I shot this with Paul Winter in an old theatre. The brief for the shoot was Hitchcock. It’s very cinematic and we used a smoke machine to create the mood. The model had long hair underneath and I was able to cut this wig into it to create a great bob shape. I loved the shape of the hair and it summed up what we were about at the time. I added in the broken weight line and fringe. The fact it was a wig meant I was able to do something quite dramatic on this model.”

“This image was taken to celebrate 75 years of Denman. We wanted it to be a high fashion look with natural texture. The result was a strong bob with an exterior shape and hair that moved.”

“I’ve worked at London Fashion Week’s On/Off show, which is curated by Lee Lapthorne at Somerset House for 17 years. This image was taken from the IA show. It featured natural, undone and textured looks. It signifies what’s on offer from British designers and the hair reflects their creativity.”

This article appears in the November 2020 Issue of Hairdressers Journal

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This article appears in the November 2020 Issue of Hairdressers Journal